Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 67, Issue 9

2237 -- 2248Aykut Koc, Burak Bartan, Haldun M. Özaktas. Discrete Linear Canonical Transform Based on Hyperdifferential Operators
2249 -- 2262Chaoyang Jiang, Zhenghua Chen, Rong Su, Yeng Chai Soh. Group Greedy Method for Sensor Placement
2263 -- 2274Vassilis N. Ioannidis, Yanning Shen, Georgios B. Giannakis. Semi-Blind Inference of Topologies and Dynamical Processes Over Dynamic Graphs
2275 -- 2290Rafael Verdú Monedero, José Luis Gómez-Tornero. On the Use of the $Z$ Transform of LTI Systems for the Synthesis of Steered Beams and Nulls in the Radiation Pattern of Leaky-Wave Antenna Arrays
2291 -- 2303David K. W. Ho, Bhaskar D. Rao. Antithetic Dithered 1-Bit Massive MIMO Architecture: Efficient Channel Estimation via Parameter Expansion and PML
2304 -- 2319AlaaEddin Loulou, Juha Yli-Kaakinen, Markku Renfors. Advanced Low-Complexity Multicarrier Schemes Using Fast-Convolution Processing and Circular Convolution Decomposition
2320 -- 2333Mario Coutino, Elvin Isufi, Geert Leus. Advances in Distributed Graph Filtering
2334 -- 2346Yujie Gu, Yimin D. Zhang. Information-Theoretic Pilot Design for Downlink Channel Estimation in FDD Massive MIMO Systems
2347 -- 2356Wangyu Luo, Wael Alghamdi, Yue M. Lu. Optimal Spectral Initialization for Signal Recovery With Applications to Phase Retrieval
2357 -- 2370Gang Wang 0014, Georgios B. Giannakis, Jie Chen 0003. Learning ReLU Networks on Linearly Separable Data: Algorithm, Optimality, and Generalization
2371 -- 2386Junting Chen, Urbashi Mitra. Unimodality-Constrained Matrix Factorization for Non-Parametric Source Localization
2387 -- 2388Saurabh Khanna, Chandra Ramabhadra Murthy. Corrections to "On the Restricted Isometry of the Columnwise Khatri-Rao Product"
2389 -- 2398Zehra Yigit, Ertugrul Basar. Space-Time Media-Based Modulation
2399 -- 2409Qing Li 0002. Joint Decoder Design for SSDs
2410 -- 2425Jinseok Choi, Gilwon Lee, Brian L. Evans. Two-Stage Analog Combining in Hybrid Beamforming Systems With Low-Resolution ADCs
2426 -- 2438Weijun Tang, Suili Feng. User Selection and Power Minimization in Full-Duplex Cloud Radio Access Networks
2439 -- 2452Vishnu Menon, Sheetal Kalyani. Structured and Unstructured Outlier Identification for Robust PCA: A Fast Parameter Free Algorithm
2453 -- 2468Linxia Zhang, Dunbiao Niu, Enbin Song, Jie Zhou 0002, Qingjiang Shi, Yunmin Zhu. Joint Optimization of Dimension Assignment and Compression in Distributed Estimation Fusion
2471 -- 2483Yanning Shen, Geert Leus, Georgios B. Giannakis. Online Graph-Adaptive Learning With Scalability and Privacy
2484 -- 2498An Liu 0001, Xihan Chen, Wei Yu 0001, Vincent K. N. Lau, Min-Jian Zhao. Two-Timescale Hybrid Compression and Forward for Massive MIMO Aided C-RAN
2499 -- 2512Yunpeng Li, Soumyasundar Pal, Mark J. Coates. Invertible Particle-Flow-Based Sequential MCMC With Extension to Gaussian Mixture Noise Models

Volume 67, Issue 8

1964 -- 1977Donghoon Lee, Dimitris Berberidis, Georgios B. Giannakis. Adaptive Bayesian Radio Tomography
1978 -- 1991Andrey Bernstein, Emiliano Dall'Anese, Andrea Simonetto. Online Primal-Dual Methods With Measurement Feedback for Time-Varying Convex Optimization
1992 -- 2006Geethu Joseph, Chandra Ramabhadra Murthy. Measurement Bounds for Observability of Linear Dynamical Systems Under Sparsity Constraints
2007 -- 2021Lixiang Lian, An Liu 0001, Vincent K. N. Lau. Exploiting Dynamic Sparsity for Downlink FDD-Massive MIMO Channel Tracking
2022 -- 2035Stefano Maranò 0001, Peter K. Willett. Algorithms and Fundamental Limits for Unlabeled Detection Using Types
2036 -- 2051Sivan Grotas, Yair Yakoby, Idan Gera, Tirza Routtenberg. Power Systems Topology and State Estimation by Graph Blind Source Separation
2052 -- 2065Ahsan Raza, Wei Liu 0001, Qing Shen. Thinned Coprime Array for Second-Order Difference Co-Array Generation With Reduced Mutual Coupling
2066 -- 2079Shan Zhang, Lakshmi Narasimhan Theagarajan, Sora Choi, Pramod K. Varshney. Fusion of Correlated Decisions Using Regular Vine Copulas
2080 -- 2092Antonio Simoes, Joao Xavier. FADE: Fast and Asymptotically Efficient Distributed Estimator for Dynamic Networks
2093 -- 2106Tiexing Wang, Qunwei Li, Donald J. Bucci, Yingbin Liang, Biao Chen, Pramod K. Varshney. K-Medoids Clustering of Data Sequences With Composite Distributions
2107 -- 2114Xin Zhou, Steven Kay. A Robust Spectral Estimator With Application to a Noise-Corrupted Process
2115 -- 2128Yuheng Bu, Shaofeng Zou, Venugopal V. Veeravalli. Linear-Complexity Exponentially-Consistent Tests for Universal Outlying Sequence Detection
2129 -- 2142Yu-Tao Liu, Yong-An Zhang, Ming Zeng. Adaptive Global Time Sequence Averaging Method Using Dynamic Time Warping
2143 -- 2158Yinghao Ge, Weile Zhang, Feifei Gao, Geoffrey Ye Li. Frequency Synchronization for Uplink Massive MIMO With Adaptive MUI Suppression in Angle Domain
2159 -- 2172Junyan Liu, Sandeep Kumar, Daniel P. Palomar. Parameter Estimation of Heavy-Tailed AR Model With Missing Data Via Stochastic EM
2173 -- 2186Jiaying Ren, Tianyi Zhang, Jian Li 0001, Petre Stoica. Sinusoidal Parameter Estimation From Signed Measurements Via Majorization-Minimization Based RELAX
2187 -- 2195Wei Cui 0001, Xu Zhang 0011, Yulong Liu. Covariance Matrix Estimation From Linearly-Correlated Gaussian Samples
2196 -- 2209Huan Zhang, Yulong Liu, Hong Lei. Localization From Incomplete Euclidean Distance Matrix: Performance Analysis for the SVD-MDS Approach
2210 -- 2220Xueqian Wang, Gang Li 0008, Pramod K. Varshney. Detection of Sparse Stochastic Signals With Quantized Measurements in Sensor Networks
2221 -- 2233Josef Zuk, Stephen Bocquet, Luke Rosenberg. New Saddle-Point Technique for Non-Coherent Radar Detection With Application to Correlated Targets in Uncorrelated Clutter Speckle

Volume 67, Issue 7

1681 -- 1695Ziping Zhao, Rui Zhou, Daniel P. Palomar. Optimal Mean-Reverting Portfolio With Leverage Constraint for Statistical Arbitrage in Finance
1696 -- 1711Xianwei Zheng, Yuan Yan Tang, Jiantao Zhou 0001. A Framework of Adaptive Multiscale Wavelet Decomposition for Signals on Undirected Graphs
1712 -- 1727Stefania Sardellitti, Sergio Barbarossa, Paolo Di Lorenzo. Graph Topology Inference Based on Sparsifying Transform Learning
1728 -- 1741Zhi Zheng, Wen-Qin Wang, Yangyang Kong, Yimin D. Zhang. MISC Array: A New Sparse Array Design Achieving Increased Degrees of Freedom and Reduced Mutual Coupling Effect
1742 -- 1757Amrit Singh Bedi, Alec Koppel, Ketan Rajawat. Asynchronous Saddle Point Algorithm for Stochastic Optimization in Heterogeneous Networks
1758 -- 1773Lei Liu 0005, Yuhao Chi, Chau Yuen, Yong Liang Guan, Ying Li 0002. Capacity-Achieving MIMO-NOMA: Iterative LMMSE Detection
1774 -- 1784Layla Majzoobi, Farshad Lahouti, Vahid Shah-Mansouri. Analysis of Distributed ADMM Algorithm for Consensus Optimization in Presence of Node Error
1785 -- 1796Feiran Yang, Gerald Enzner, Jun Yang 0004. A Unified Approach to the Statistical Convergence Analysis of Frequency-Domain Adaptive Filters
1797 -- 1811Or Yair, Mirela Ben-Chen, Ronen Talmon. Parallel Transport on the Cone Manifold of SPD Matrices for Domain Adaptation
1812 -- 1823Sangjin Lee, James R. McBride. Extended Object Tracking via Positive and Negative Information Fusion
1824 -- 1837Xiaoping Li 0002, Ting-Zhu Huang, Qunying Liao, Xiang-Gen Xia. Optimal Estimates of Two Common Remainders for a Robust Generalized Chinese Remainder Theorem
1838 -- 1848Abd-Krim Seghouane, Davide Ferrari. Robust Hemodynamic Response Function Estimation From fNIRS Signals
1849 -- 1859Morteza Ashraphijuo, Xiaodong Wang 0001, Junwei Zhang. Low-Rank Data Completion With Very Low Sampling Rate Using Newton's Method
1860 -- 1874Sajjad Amini, Shahrokh Ghaemmaghami. A New Framework to Train Autoencoders Through Non-Smooth Regularization
1875 -- 1888Anna Ma, You Zhou, Cynthia Rush, Dror Baron, Deanna Needell. An Approximate Message Passing Framework for Side Information
1889 -- 1901Yael Yankelevsky, Michael Elad. Finding GEMS: Multi-Scale Dictionaries For High-Dimensional Graph Signals
1902 -- 1917Xiaolong Li, Zhi Sun, Tat Soon Yeo, Tianxian Zhang, Wei Yi, Guolong Cui, Lingjiang Kong. STGRFT for Detection of Maneuvering Weak Target With Multiple Motion Models
1918 -- 1928Sanat K. Biswas, Andrew G. Dempster. Approximating Sample State Vectors Using the ESPT for Computationally Efficient Particle Filtering
1929 -- 1940Lu Wang, Zhengwu Zhang, David B. Dunson. Symmetric Bilinear Regression for Signal Subgraph Estimation
1941 -- 1956Yang Cai, Yuan Shen. An Integrated Localization and Control Framework for Multi-Agent Formation
1957 -- 1958Gang Wang 0020, Rui Xue 0003. Comments on "The Quaternion LMS Algorithm for Adaptive Filtering of Hypercomplex Processes"
1959 -- 0Danilo P. Mandic, Clive Cheong Took. Reply to "Comments on 'The Quaternion LMS Algorithm for Adaptive Filtering of Hypercomplex Processes'"
1960 -- 0Sumanta Basu, Xianqi Li, George Michailidis. Corrections to "Low Rank and Structured Modeling of High-Dimensional Vector Autoregressions"

Volume 67, Issue 6

1396 -- 1406Augusto Aubry, Vincenzo Carotenuto, Antonio De Maio, Mark A. Govoni. Multi-Snapshot Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radar via Block-Sparsity Exploitation
1407 -- 1417Marc Castella, Jean-Christophe Pesquet, Arthur Marmin. Rational Optimization for Nonlinear Reconstruction With Approximate $\ell _0$ Penalization
1418 -- 1430Huizhen Li, Hong Li, LiMing Zhang. Quaternion-Based Multiscale Analysis for Feature Extraction of Hyperspectral Images
1431 -- 1446Markus Kukuk, Nicolai Spicher. Parameter Estimation Based on Scale-Dependent Algebraic Expressions and Scale-Space Fitting
1447 -- 1460Akie Sakiyama, Kana Watanabe, Yuichi Tanaka, Antonio Ortega. Two-Channel Critically Sampled Graph Filter Banks With Spectral Domain Sampling
1461 -- 1476Elizabeth Hou, Yasin Yilmaz, Alfred O. Hero III. Anomaly Detection in Partially Observed Traffic Networks
1477 -- 1492Chao-Lin Chen, Jun-Ting Liu, Yi Chun Hsiao, Chien-Ming Chen, Ho-Chun Tsao, Che Lin. Robust Beamforming Design for MISO Bursty Interference Channels Under Traffic Uncertainties
1493 -- 1507Mianzhi Wang, Zhen Zhang 0007, Arye Nehorai. Further Results on the Cramér-Rao Bound for Sparse Linear Arrays
1508 -- 1521Ayush Bhandari, Yonina C. Eldar. Sampling and Super Resolution of Sparse Signals Beyond the Fourier Domain
1522 -- 1536Giorgio Matteo Vitetta, Emilio Sirignano, Pasquale Di Viesti, Francesco Montorsi, Matteo Sola. Marginalized Particle Filtering and Related Filtering Techniques as Message Passing
1537 -- 1549Manli Yu, Songfu Cai, Vincent K. N. Lau. Event-Driven Sensor Scheduling for Mission-Critical Control Applications
1550 -- 1565Erdal Panayirci, Mhd Tahssin Altabbaa, Murat Uysal, H. Vincent Poor. Sparse Channel Estimation for OFDM-Based Underwater Acoustic Systems in Rician Fading With a New OMP-MAP Algorithm
1566 -- 1581Yi Yu 0002, Haiquan Zhao, Rodrigo C. de Lamare, Yuriy V. Zakharov, Lu Lu 0005. Robust Distributed Diffusion Recursive Least Squares Algorithms With Side Information for Adaptive Networks
1582 -- 1595Rajendra Nagar, Shanmuganathan Raman. Detecting Approximate Reflection Symmetry in a Point Set Using Optimization on Manifold
1596 -- 1609Timothy Anglea, Yongqiang Wang. Pulse-Coupled Synchronization With Guaranteed Clock Continuity
1610 -- 1619Jun Liu 0004, Jian Li 0001. Mismatched Signal Rejection Performance of the Persymmetric GLRT Detector
1620 -- 1635Bingpeng Zhou, An Liu 0001, Vincent K. N. Lau. Successive Localization and Beamforming in 5G mmWave MIMO Communication Systems
1636 -- 1647Wei-cheng Sun, Yan-Tong Chen, Chia-Hsiang Yang, Yeong-Luh Ueng. Iterative Inter-Cell Interference Cancellation Receiver for LDPC-Coded MIMO Systems
1648 -- 1661Maxime Vono, Nicolas Dobigeon, Pierre Chainais. Split-and-Augmented Gibbs Sampler - Application to Large-Scale Inference Problems
1662 -- 1677Deepak Mishra 0001, Erik G. Larsson. Optimal Channel Estimation for Reciprocity-Based Backscattering With a Full-Duplex MIMO Reader

Volume 67, Issue 5

1123 -- 1137Mark Eisen, Konstantinos Gatsis, George J. Pappas, Alejandro Ribeiro. Learning in Wireless Control Systems Over Nonstationary Channels
1138 -- 1151Kaining Han, Junchao Wang, Warren J. Gross, JianHao Hu. Stochastic Bit-Wise Iterative Decoding of Polar Codes
1152 -- 1162Irene Santos 0001, Juan José Murillo-Fuentes, Petar M. Djuric. Recursive Estimation of Dynamic RSS Fields Based on Crowdsourcing and Gaussian Processes
1163 -- 1174Dong Xue, Sandra Hirche. Distributed Topology Manipulation to Control Epidemic Spreading Over Networks
1175 -- 1190Anh Huy Phan, Petr Tichavský, Andrzej Cichocki. Error Preserving Correction: A Method for CP Decomposition at a Target Error Bound
1191 -- 1206Baki Berkay Yilmaz, Alper T. Erdogan. Compressed Training Based Massive MIMO
1207 -- 1222Sumanta Basu, Xianqi Li, George Michailidis. Low Rank and Structured Modeling of High-Dimensional Vector Autoregressions
1223 -- 1236San Gultekin, John Paisley. Online Forecasting Matrix Factorization
1237 -- 1250Marjan Maleki, Kamal Mohamed-Pour, Mojtaba Soltanalian. Receive Spatial Modulation in Correlated Massive MIMO With Partial CSI
1251 -- 1266Suraj Srivastava, Amrita Mishra, Anupama Rajoriya, Aditya K. Jagannatham, Gerd Ascheid. Quasi-Static and Time-Selective Channel Estimation for Block-Sparse Millimeter Wave Hybrid MIMO Systems: Sparse Bayesian Learning (SBL) Based Approaches
1267 -- 1279Lucien Bacharach, Mohammed Nabil El Korso, Alexandre Renaux, Jean-Yves Tourneret. A Hybrid Lower Bound for Parameter Estimation of Signals With Multiple Change-Points
1280 -- 1295Lorenzo Galleani. Time-Frequency Analysis of the Impulse Response
1296 -- 1306Radienxe Bautista, John R. Buck. Detecting Gaussian Signals Using Coprime Sensor Arrays in Spatially Correlated Gaussian Noise
1307 -- 1321Dimitris Berberidis, Athanasios N. Nikolakopoulos, Georgios B. Giannakis. Adaptive Diffusions for Scalable Learning Over Graphs
1322 -- 1337Shuai Huang, Trac D. Tran. Sparse Signal Recovery via Generalized Entropy Functions Minimization
1338 -- 1352Rishabh Dixit, Amrit Singh Bedi, Ruchi Tripathi, Ketan Rajawat. Online Learning With Inexact Proximal Online Gradient Descent Algorithms
1353 -- 1365Yu Xiang, Jie Ding, Vahid Tarokh. Estimation of the Evolutionary Spectra With Application to Stationarity Test
1366 -- 1381Boaz Schwartz, Sharon Gannot, Emanuel A. P. Habets, Yair Noam. Recursive Maximum Likelihood Algorithm for Dependent Observations
1382 -- 1392Jun Liu 0004, Danilo Orlando, Pia Addabbo, Weijian Liu. SINR Distribution for the Persymmetric SMI Beamformer With Steering Vector Mismatches

Volume 67, Issue 4

838 -- 853Sreejith Kallummil, Sheetal Kalyani. Residual Ratio Thresholding for Linear Model Order Selection
854 -- 869Misagh Khayambashi, Arnold Lee Swindlehurst. Estimation of Sparse Directional Connectivity With Expectation Maximization
870 -- 884Jitendra K. Tugnait. On Multisensor Detection of Improper Signals
885 -- 898Jeremy Young, Anders Høst-Madsen, Eva-Marie Nosal. Deinterleaving of Mixtures of Renewal Processes
899 -- 914Peng Sun 0002, Zhongyong Wang, Robert W. Heath Jr., Philip Schniter. Joint Channel-Estimation/Decoding With Frequency-Selective Channels and Few-Bit ADCs
915 -- 929Jing Han 0008, Lingling Zhang, QunFei Zhang, Geert Leus. Low-Complexity Equalization of Orthogonal Signal-Division Multiplexing in Doubly-Selective Channels
930 -- 945Qiao Su, Yue Rong. Two-Hop AF MIMO Relay System Optimization With Own Information From the Relay Node
946 -- 960Rasoul Shafipour, Ali Khodabakhsh, Gonzalo Mateos, Evdokia Nikolova. A Directed Graph Fourier Transform With Spread Frequency Components
961 -- 976Dae Gwan Lee, Götz E. Pfander, Volker Pohl. Sampling and Reconstruction of Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Channels
977 -- 992Bicheng Ying, Kun Yuan, Ali H. Sayed. Supervised Learning Under Distributed Features
993 -- 1005Kaan Gokcesu, Mohammadreza Mohaghegh Neyshabouri, Hakan Gokcesu, Suleyman Serdar Kozat. Sequential Outlier Detection Based on Incremental Decision Trees
1006 -- 1021Ali Maatouk, Salah Eddine Hajri, Mohamad Assaad, Hikmet Sari. On Optimal Scheduling for Joint Spatial Division and Multiplexing Approach in FDD Massive MIMO
1022 -- 1033Jun Liu 0004, Weijian Liu, Bo Tang 0002, Jibin Zheng, Shu-wen Xu. Distributed Target Detection Exploiting Persymmetry in Gaussian Clutter
1034 -- 1049Fernando Gama, Antonio G. Marques, Geert Leus, Alejandro Ribeiro. Convolutional Neural Network Architectures for Signals Supported on Graphs
1050 -- 1064Zbynek Koldovský, Petr Tichavský. Gradient Algorithms for Complex Non-Gaussian Independent Component/Vector Extraction, Question of Convergence
1065 -- 1074Zhenyu Liao, Romain Couillet. A Large Dimensional Analysis of Least Squares Support Vector Machines
1075 -- 1087Jisheng Dai, An Liu 0001, Hing-Cheung So. Non-Uniform Burst-Sparsity Learning for Massive MIMO Channel Estimation
1088 -- 1103Alexander Shapiro, Yao Xie 0002, Rui Zhang. Matrix Completion With Deterministic Pattern: A Geometric Perspective
1104 -- 1119Nitin Jonathan Myers, Amine Mezghani, Robert W. Heath Jr.. Swift-Link: A Compressive Beam Alignment Algorithm for Practical mmWave Radios

Volume 67, Issue 3

553 -- 567Tomasz Piotrowski, Jan Nikadon, David Gutiérrez. MV-PURE Spatial Filters With Application to EEG/MEG Source Reconstruction
568 -- 578Moshe Hamaoui. Non-Iterative MDS Method for Collaborative Network Localization With Sparse Range and Pointing Measurements
579 -- 593Ehsan Tohidi, Mario Coutino, Sundeep Prabhakar Chepuri, Hamid Behroozi, Mohammad Mahdi Nayebi, Geert Leus. Sparse Antenna and Pulse Placement for Colocated MIMO Radar
594 -- 608Peyman Siyari, Marwan Krunz, Diep N. Nguyen. Distributed Power Control in Single-Stream MIMO Wiretap Interference Networks With Full-Duplex Jamming Receivers
609 -- 621Tze Siong Lau, Wee-Peng Tay, Venugopal V. Veeravalli. A Binning Approach to Quickest Change Detection With Unknown Postchange Distribution
622 -- 637Jisheng Dai, An Liu 0001, Vincent K. N. Lau. Joint Channel Estimation and User Grouping for Massive MIMO Systems
638 -- 651Javad Heydari, Ali Tajer. Quickest Search and Learning Over Correlated Sequences: Theory and Application
652 -- 667Xuejing Zhang, Zishu He, Xiang-Gen Xia, Bin Liao, Xuepan Zhang, Yue Yang. OPARC: Optimal and Precise Array Response Control Algorithm - Part I: Fundamentals
668 -- 683Xuejing Zhang, Zishu He, Xiang-Gen Xia, Bin Liao, Xuepan Zhang, Yue Yang. OPARC: Optimal and Precise Array Response Control Algorithm - Part II: Multi-Points and Applications
684 -- 699Dana Lahat, Christian Jutten. Joint Independent Subspace Analysis: Uniqueness and Identifiability
700 -- 707Luke Pfister, Yoram Bresler. Bounding Multivariate Trigonometric Polynomials
708 -- 723Kun Yuan, Bicheng Ying, Xiaochuan Zhao, Ali H. Sayed. Exact Diffusion for Distributed Optimization and Learning - Part I: Algorithm Development
724 -- 739Kun Yuan, Bicheng Ying, Xiaochuan Zhao, Ali H. Sayed. Exact Diffusion for Distributed Optimization and Learning - Part II: Convergence Analysis
740 -- 752Jia Chen, Gang Wang 0014, Georgios B. Giannakis. Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction for Discriminative Analytics of Multiple Datasets
753 -- 768Eyal Nitzan, Tirza Routtenberg, Joseph Tabrikian. Cramér-Rao Bound for Constrained Parameter Estimation Using Lehmann-Unbiasedness
769 -- 782Maciej Niedzwiecki, Marcin Ciolek. On Noncausal Identification of Nonstationary Multivariate Autoregressive Processes
783 -- 797Yunlong Wang 0004, Ying Wu 0002, Yuan Shen. Joint Spatiotemporal Multipath Mitigation in Large-Scale Array Localization
798 -- 807Mohammad Towliat, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Asgari Tabatabaee, Morteza Rajabzadeh. A Simple ML Detection for Coded Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing in MIMO Channels
808 -- 820George Tzagkarakis, John P. Nolan, Panagiotis Tsakalides. Compressive Sensing Using Symmetric Alpha-Stable Distributions for Robust Sparse Signal Reconstruction
821 -- 834Bo Tang 0002, Jian Li 0001. Spectrally Constrained MIMO Radar Waveform Design Based on Mutual Information

Volume 67, Issue 24

6188 -- 6203Feng Ji, Wee-Peng Tay. A Hilbert Space Theory of Generalized Graph Signal Processing
6204 -- 6214Charles Truong, Laurent Oudre, Nicolas Vayatis. Greedy Kernel Change-Point Detection
6215 -- 6226Syed A. Hamza, Moeness G. Amin. Hybrid Sparse Array Beamforming Design for General Rank Signal Models
6227 -- 6240Ziyang Cheng, Bin Liao, Shengnan Shi, Zishu He, Jun Li 0038. Co-Design for Overlaid MIMO Radar and Downlink MISO Communication Systems via Cramér-Rao Bound Minimization
6241 -- 6255Christian Lameiro, Ignacio Santamaría, Peter J. Schreier, Wolfgang Utschick. Maximally Improper Signaling in Underlay MIMO Cognitive Radio Networks
6256 -- 6269Alexander Jung, Alfred O. Hero III, Alexandru Mara, Saeed Jahromi, Ayelet Heimowitz, Yonina C. Eldar. Semi-Supervised Learning in Network-Structured Data via Total Variation Minimization
6270 -- 6284Mohammad Mohammadi Amiri, Deniz Gündüz. Computation Scheduling for Distributed Machine Learning With Straggling Workers
6285 -- 6300Daniel Castanheira, Atílio Gameiro. Low Complexity and High-Resolution Line Spectral Estimation Using Cyclic Minimization
6301 -- 6313Wenqian Shen, Xiangyuan Bu, Xinyu Gao, Chengwen Xing, Lajos Hanzo. Beamspace Precoding and Beam Selection for Wideband Millimeter-Wave MIMO Relying on Lens Antenna Arrays
6314 -- 6326Bradley Worley. Scalable Mean-Field Sparse Bayesian Learning
6327 -- 6341Daniele Zambon, Cesare Alippi, Lorenzo Livi. Change-Point Methods on a Sequence of Graphs
6342 -- 6351Kewei Chen, Donya Ghavidel, Vijay Gupta 0001, Yih-Fang Huang. An Incentive Scheme for Sensor Fusion With Strategic Sensors
6352 -- 6367Alex Dytso, Michael Fauß, Abdelhak M. Zoubir, H. Vincent Poor. MMSE Bounds for Additive Noise Channels Under Kullback-Leibler Divergence Constraints on the Input Distribution
6368 -- 6383Raksha Ramakrishna, Anna Scaglione, Vijay Vittal, Emiliano Dall'Anese, Andrey Bernstein. A Model for Joint Probabilistic Forecast of Solar Photovoltaic Power and Outdoor Temperature
6384 -- 6396Zhi Lin, Min Lin, Yongming Huang, Tomaso de Cola, Wei-Ping Zhu. Robust Multi-Objective Beamforming for Integrated Satellite and High Altitude Platform Network With Imperfect Channel State Information
6397 -- 6410Ronghao Lin, Mojtaba Soltanalian, Bo Tang 0002, Jian Li 0001. Efficient Design of Binary Sequences With Low Autocorrelation Sidelobes
6411 -- 6423Hang Ruan, Rodrigo C. de Lamare. Distributed Robust Beamforming Based on Low-Rank and Cross-Correlation Techniques: Design and Analysis
6424 -- 6439Holger Boche, Ullrich J. Mönich. Downsampling of Bounded Bandlimited Signals and the Bandlimited Interpolation: Analytic Properties and Computability
6440 -- 6454Fernando Gama, Elvin Isufi, Alejandro Ribeiro, Geert Leus. Controllability of Bandlimited Graph Processes Over Random Time Varying Graphs
6455 -- 6467Qing Zou, Sunrita Poddar, Mathews Jacob. Sampling of Planar Curves: Theory and Fast Algorithms
6468 -- 6482Hang Yu, Luyin Xin, Justin Dauwels. Variational Wishart Approximation for Graphical Model Selection: Monoscale and Multiscale Models
6483 -- 6497Anant Gupta, Upamanyu Madhow, Amin Arbabian, Ali Sadri. Design of Large Effective Apertures for Millimeter Wave Systems Using a Sparse Array of Subarrays
6498 -- 6510Pia Addabbo, Olivier Besson, Danilo Orlando, Giuseppe Ricci. Adaptive Detection of Coherent Radar Targets in the Presence of Noise Jamming
6511 -- 6525Vikram Krishnamurthy, Muralidhar Rangaswamy. How to Calibrate Your Adversary's Capabilities? Inverse Filtering for Counter-Autonomous Systems

Volume 67, Issue 23

5884 -- 5892Charles J. Garfinkle, Christopher J. Hillar. On the Uniqueness and Stability of Dictionaries for Sparse Representation of Noisy Signals
5893 -- 5908Bolei Wang, Mengnan Jian, Feifei Gao, Geoffrey Ye Li, Hai Lin 0001. Beam Squint and Channel Estimation for Wideband mmWave Massive MIMO-OFDM Systems
5909 -- 5921Tokunbo Ogunfunmi, Carlo Safarian. The Quaternion Stochastic Information Gradient Algorithm for Nonlinear Adaptive Systems
5922 -- 5935Bingcong Li, Tianyi Chen, Georgios B. Giannakis. Secure Mobile Edge Computing in IoT via Collaborative Online Learning
5936 -- 5951Yuxin Zhao 0003, Carsten Fritsche, Gustaf Hendeby, Feng Yin, Tianshi Chen, Fredrik Gunnarsson. Cramér-Rao Bounds for Filtering Based on Gaussian Process State-Space Models
5952 -- 5967Ba-Ngu Vo, Ba-Tuong Vo, Michael Beard. Multi-Sensor Multi-Object Tracking With the Generalized Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Filter
5968 -- 5982Reza Sohrabi, Qiping Zhu, Yingbo Hua. Secrecy Analyses of a Full-Duplex MIMOME Network
5983 -- 5997Mark Eisen, Aryan Mokhtari, Alejandro Ribeiro. A Primal-Dual Quasi-Newton Method for Exact Consensus Optimization
5998 -- 6008Iman Valiulahi, Farzan Haddadi, Arash Amini. Robustness of Two-Dimensional Line Spectral Estimation Against Spiky Noise
6009 -- 6024Deyun Wei, Yuanmin Li. Convolution and Multichannel Sampling for the Offset Linear Canonical Transform and Their Applications
6025 -- 6038Bin Li 0033, Qinliang Su, Yik-Chung Wu. Fixed Points of Gaussian Belief Propagation and Relation to Convergence
6039 -- 6052Naveed ur Rehman, Hania Aftab. Multivariate Variational Mode Decomposition
6053 -- 6066Jindrich Duník, Ondrej Straka. Design of Rao-Blackwellized Point-Mass Smoother for Conditionally Linear and Gaussian Models
6067 -- 6077Filip Karisik, Mathias Baumert. Inhomogeneous Template Adaptation of Temporal Quasi-Periodic Three-Dimensional Signals
6078 -- 6091Emilio Rafael Balda, Arash Behboodi, Rudolf Mathar. Perturbation Analysis of Learning Algorithms: Generation of Adversarial Examples From Classification to Regression
6092 -- 6104Donya Ghavidel Dobakhshari, Parinaz Naghizadeh, Mingyan Liu, Vijay Gupta 0001. A Reputation-Based Contract for Repeated Crowdsensing With Costly Verification
6105 -- 6120Cagri Goken, Sinan Gezici. Estimation Theoretic Secure Communication via Encoder Randomization
6121 -- 6132Samuel Pinilla, Tamir Bendory, Yonina C. Eldar, Henry Arguello. Frequency-Resolved Optical Gating Recovery via Smoothing Gradient

Volume 67, Issue 22

5689 -- 5701Seyyed Ali Hashemi, Carlo Condo, Marco Mondelli, Warren J. Gross. Rate-Flexible Fast Polar Decoders
5702 -- 5714Ángel F. García-Fernández, Lennart Svensson. Trajectory PHD and CPHD Filters
5715 -- 5729Heng Qiao, Piya Pal. Guaranteed Localization of More Sources Than Sensors With Finite Snapshots in Multiple Measurement Vector Models Using Difference Co-Arrays
5730 -- 5745Zhipeng Xue, Xiaojun Yuan 0002, Junjie Ma 0001, Yi Ma 0002. TARM: A Turbo-Type Algorithm for Affine Rank Minimization
5746 -- 5760Wenjing Zhao, Wenlong Liu, Minglu Jin. Spectral Norm Based Mean Matrix Estimation and Its Application to Radar Target CFAR Detection
5761 -- 5774Ahmed Douik, Babak Hassibi. Manifold Optimization Over the Set of Doubly Stochastic Matrices: A Second-Order Geometry
5775 -- 5784Arkadii G. D'yachkov, Nikita Polyanskii, Vladislav Yu. Shchukin, Ilya Vorobyev. Hypothesis Test for Bounds on the Size of Random Defective Set
5785 -- 5797Wei Chen 0016, Xiao Gong, Nan Song. Nonconvex Robust Low-Rank Tensor Reconstruction via an Empirical Bayes Method
5798 -- 5810Lan Cheng, Kai Wang, Mifeng Ren, Gaowei Yan. Adaptive Filter Approach for GPS Multipath Estimation Under Correntropy Criterion in Dynamic Multipath Environment
5811 -- 5823Robert Baraldi, Rajiv Kumar 0003, Aleksandr Y. Aravkin. Basis Pursuit Denoise With Nonsmooth Constraints
5824 -- 5836Thomas Debarre, Shayan Aziznejad, Michael Unser. Hybrid-Spline Dictionaries for Continuous-Domain Inverse Problems
5837 -- 5849Jing Liu 0009, Bhaskar D. Rao. Sparse Bayesian Learning for Robust PCA: Algorithms and Analyses
5850 -- 5864Xinyang Cao, Lifeng Lai. Distributed Gradient Descent Algorithm Robust to an Arbitrary Number of Byzantine Attackers
5865 -- 5880Sunrita Poddar, Mathews Jacob. Clustering of Data With Missing Entries Using Non-Convex Fusion Penalties
5881 -- 5895Tianyi Jia, K. C. Ho 0001, Haiyan Wang, Xiaohong Shen. Effect of Sensor Motion on Time Delay and Doppler Shift Localization: Analysis and Solution
5896 -- 5911Pranay Sharma, Augustin-Alexandru Saucan, Donald J. Bucci, Pramod K. Varshney. Decentralized Gaussian Filters for Cooperative Self-Localization and Multi-Target Tracking
5912 -- 5928Haoran Sun, Mingyi Hong. Distributed Non-Convex First-Order Optimization and Information Processing: Lower Complexity Bounds and Rate Optimal Algorithms

Volume 67, Issue 21

5450 -- 5462Prashant Khanduri, Dominique Pastor, Vinod Sharma, Pramod K. Varshney. Sequential Random Distortion Testing of Non-Stationary Processes
5463 -- 5478Felipe Chaud Pinheiro, Cássio Guimarães Lopes. A Low-Complexity Nonlinear Least Mean Squares Filter Based on a Decomposable Volterra Model
5479 -- 5494Bolei Wang, Xuan Li, Feifei Gao, Geoffrey Ye Li. Power Leakage Elimination for Wideband mmWave Massive MIMO-OFDM Systems: An Energy-Focusing Window Approach
5495 -- 5510Pasquale Di Viesti, Giorgio Matteo Vitetta, Emilio Sirignano. Double Bayesian Smoothing as Message Passing
5511 -- 5526Fen Wang, Gene Cheung, Yongchao Wang. Low-complexity Graph Sampling With Noise and Signal Reconstruction via Neumann Series
5527 -- 5542Zhichao Zhang. Linear Canonical Wigner Distribution Based Noisy LFM Signals Detection Through the Output SNR Improvement Analysis
5543 -- 5557Hongxia Miao, Feng Zhang 0011, Ran Tao 0003. New Statistics of the Second-Order Chirp Cyclostationary Signals: Definitions, Properties and Applications
5558 -- 5570Xia Cai, Zekun Ye. Gaussian Weighting Reversion Strategy for Accurate Online Portfolio Selection
5571 -- 5582Johan Alenlöv, Jimmy Olsson. Particle-Based Adaptive-Lag Online Marginal Smoothing in General State-Space Models
5583 -- 5595François Rottenberg, Xavier Mestre, François Horlin, Jérôme Louveaux. Efficient Equalization of Time-Varying Channels in MIMO OFDM Systems
5596 -- 5610Gongjian Zhou, Liangliang Wang. Pseudo-Spectrum Based Speed Square Filter for Track-Before-Detect in Range-Doppler Domain
5611 -- 0Ramachandran S. Raghavan. Corrections to "A CFAR Detector for Mismatched Eigenvalues of Training Sample Covariance Matrix"
5612 -- 5627Bho Matthiesen, Eduard Axel Jorswieck. Efficient Global Optimal Resource Allocation in Non-Orthogonal Interference Networks
5628 -- 5642Lixiang Lian, An Liu 0001, Vincent K. N. Lau. User Location Tracking in Massive MIMO Systems via Dynamic Variational Bayesian Inference
5643 -- 5658Thanh Thi Nguyen, Jérôme Idier, Charles Soussen, El-Hadi Djermoune. Non-Negative Orthogonal Greedy Algorithms
5659 -- 5670Lucas Rencker, Francis Bach, Wenwu Wang, Mark D. Plumbley. Sparse Recovery and Dictionary Learning From Nonlinear Compressive Measurements
5671 -- 5685Mengjiao Tang, Yao Rong, Antonio De Maio, Chen Chen 0035, Jie Zhou 0002. Adaptive Radar Detection in Gaussian Disturbance With Structured Covariance Matrix via Invariance Theory

Volume 67, Issue 20

5203 -- 5212Daniel Rönnow, Peter Händel. Nonlinear Distortion Noise and Linear Attenuation in MIMO Systems - Theory and Application to Multiband Transmitters
5213 -- 5222Rafael Boloix-Tortosa, Juan José Murillo-Fuentes, Sotirios A. Tsaftaris. The Generalized Complex Kernel Least-Mean-Square Algorithm
5223 -- 5238Nir Shlezinger, Yonina C. Eldar, Miguel R. D. Rodrigues. Hardware-Limited Task-Based Quantization
5239 -- 5269Yuejie Chi, Yue M. Lu, Yuxin Chen 0002. Nonconvex Optimization Meets Low-Rank Matrix Factorization: An Overview
5270 -- 5280Jun Liu 0004, Jian Li 0001. Robust Detection in MIMO Radar With Steering Vector Mismatches
5281 -- 5296Tze Siong Lau, Wee-Peng Tay. Quickest Change Detection in the Presence of a Nuisance Change
5297 -- 5308Aria Ameri, Arindam Bose, Jian Li 0001, Mojtaba Soltanalian. One-Bit Radar Processing With Time-Varying Sampling Thresholds
5309 -- 5324Mingjie Shao, Qiang Li 0017, Wing-Kin Ma, Anthony Man-Cho So. A Framework for One-Bit and Constant-Envelope Precoding Over Multiuser Massive MISO Channels
5325 -- 5339Yanning Shen, Georgios B. Giannakis, Brian Baingana. Nonlinear Structural Vector Autoregressive Models With Application to Directed Brain Networks
5340 -- 5351Sebastian J. Schlecht, Emanuël Anco Peter Habets. Modal Decomposition of Feedback Delay Networks
5352 -- 5364Stefano Fortunati, Fulvio Gini, Maria Sabrina Greco, Abdelhak M. Zoubir, Muralidhar Rangaswamy. Semiparametric CRB and Slepian-Bangs Formulas for Complex Elliptically Symmetric Distributions
5365 -- 5379Hoa-van Nguyen, Seyed Hamid Rezatofighi, Ba-Ngu Vo, Damith Chinthana Ranasinghe. Online UAV Path Planning for Joint Detection and Tracking of Multiple Radio-Tagged Objects
5380 -- 5390Jienan Chen, Siyu Chen, Yunlong Qi, Shengli Fu. Intelligent Massive MIMO Antenna Selection Using Monte Carlo Tree Search
5391 -- 5401Yicheng Chen 0001, Rick S. Blum, Brian M. Sadler, Jiangfan Zhang. Testing the Structure of a Gaussian Graphical Model With Reduced Transmissions in a Distributed Setting
5402 -- 5416Fei Wen, Rendong Ying, Peilin Liu, Trieu-Kien Truong. Nonconvex Regularized Robust PCA Using the Proximal Block Coordinate Descent Algorithm
5417 -- 5432Yulong Huang, Yonggang Zhang, Jonathon A. Chambers. A Novel Kullback-Leibler Divergence Minimization-Based Adaptive Student's t-Filter
5433 -- 5446Peng-Jie You, Zegang Ding, Li-Chang Qian, Mengqi Li, Xu Zhou, Weijian Liu, Siyuan Liu. A Motion Parameter Estimation Method for Radar Maneuvering Target in Gaussian Clutter

Volume 67, Issue 2

279 -- 292Mengjiao Tang, Yao Rong, Jie Zhou 0002, X. Rong Li. Information Geometric Approach to Multisensor Estimation Fusion
293 -- 305Keith Smith, Loukianos Spyrou, Javier Escudero. Graph-Variate Signal Analysis
306 -- 319Charilaos I. Kanatsoulis, Xiao Fu 0001, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos, Mingyi Hong. Structured SUMCOR Multiview Canonical Correlation Analysis for Large-Scale Data
320 -- 335Yimao Sun, K. C. Ho 0001, Qun Wan. Solution and Analysis of TDOA Localization of a Near or Distant Source in Closed Form
336 -- 350Flavio Eler de Melo, Simon Maskell. A CPHD Approximation Based on a Discrete-Gamma Cardinality Model
351 -- 366Kun Yuan, Bicheng Ying, Jiageng Liu, Ali H. Sayed. Variance-Reduced Stochastic Learning by Networked Agents Under Random Reshuffling
367 -- 382Srikanth V. Tenneti, Palghat P. Vaidyanathan. iMUSIC: A Family of MUSIC-Like Algorithms for Integer Period Estimation
383 -- 398Sreejith Kallummil, Sheetal Kalyani. Noise Statistics Oblivious GARD For Robust Regression With Sparse Outliers
399 -- 414Yongchao Wang, Yanjiao Wang, Qingjiang Shi. Optimized Signal Distortion for PAPR Reduction of OFDM Signals With IFFT/FFT Complexity Via ADMM Approaches
415 -- 430Weiliang Zuo, Jingmin Xin, Wenyi Liu, Nanning Zheng, Hiromitsu Ohmori, Akira Sano. Localization of Near-Field Sources Based on Linear Prediction and Oblique Projection Operator
431 -- 443Yicheng Chen, Rick S. Blum. On the Impact of Unknown Signals on Delay, Doppler, Amplitude, and Phase Parameter Estimation
444 -- 459Mihai I. Florea, Sergiy A. Vorobyov. An Accelerated Composite Gradient Method for Large-Scale Composite Objective Problems
460 -- 473Payal Gupta, Monika Agrawal. Design And Analysis of the Sparse Array for DoA Estimation of Noncircular Signals
474 -- 489Bicheng Ying, Kun Yuan, Stefan Vlaski, Ali H. Sayed. Stochastic Learning Under Random Reshuffling With Constant Step-Sizes
490 -- 503Paris V. Giampouras, Athanasios A. Rontogiannis, Konstantinos D. Koutroumbas. Alternating Iteratively Reweighted Least Squares Minimization for Low-Rank Matrix Factorization
504 -- 519Luke Pfister, Yoram Bresler. Learning Filter Bank Sparsifying Transforms
520 -- 534Ammar Mian, Guillaume Ginolhac, Jean Philippe Ovarlez, Abdourrahmane Mahamane Atto. New Robust Statistics for Change Detection in Time Series of Multivariate SAR Images
535 -- 549Jing Liu 0009, Bhaskar D. Rao. 1 Regularization

Volume 67, Issue 19

4918 -- 4933Yuan Chen 0006, Soummya Kar, José M. F. Moura. Resilient Distributed Parameter Estimation With Heterogeneous Data
4934 -- 4947Amirhossein Reisizadeh, Aryan Mokhtari, Hamed Hassani, Ramtin Pedarsani. An Exact Quantized Decentralized Gradient Descent Algorithm
4948 -- 4963Ba-Ngu Vo, Ba-Tuong Vo. A Multi-Scan Labeled Random Finite Set Model for Multi-Object State Estimation
4964 -- 4975Gordana Draskovic, Arnaud Breloy, Frédéric Pascal 0001. On the Asymptotics of Maronna's Robust PCA
4976 -- 4991Mitchell Wasson, Mario Milicevic, Stark C. Draper, P. Glenn Gulak. Hardware-Based Linear Program Decoding With the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
4992 -- 5003Shuhan Tang, Peter F. Craigmile, Yunzhang Zhu. Spectral Estimation Using Multitaper Whittle Methods With a Lasso Penalty
5004 -- 5017Pere Giménez-Febrer, Alba Pagès-Zamora, Georgios B. Giannakis. Matrix Completion and Extrapolation via Kernel Regression
5018 -- 5031Sheng Xu 0004, Yongsheng Ou, Xinyu Wu. Optimal Sensor Placement for 3-D Time-of-Arrival Target Localization
5032 -- 5045Amir Weiss, Arie Yeredor. A Maximum Likelihood-Based Minimum Mean Square Error Separation and Estimation of Stationary Gaussian Sources From Noisy Mixtures
5046 -- 5061Chengzhu Yang, Xinyue Shen, Hongbing Ma, Badong Chen, Yuantao Gu, Hing-Cheung So. Weakly Convex Regularized Robust Sparse Recovery Methods With Theoretical Guarantees
5062 -- 5077Jitendra K. Tugnait. Edge Exclusion Tests for Graphical Model Selection: Complex Gaussian Vectors and Time Series
5078 -- 5092Rui Gao, Filip Tronarp, Simo Särkkä. 1-Regularized State Estimation
5093 -- 5102Sajad Daei, Farzan Haddadi, Arash Amini. Exploiting Prior Information in Block-Sparse Signals
5103 -- 5117Daewon Seo, Ravi Kiran Raman, Joong Bum Rhim, Vivek K. Goyal, Lav R. Varshney. Beliefs in Decision-Making Cascades
5118 -- 5129Angelo Coluccia, Giuseppe Ricci, Olivier Besson. Design of Robust Radar Detectors Through Random Perturbation of the Target Signature
5130 -- 5142Jian Lan, X. Rong Li. Extended-Object or Group-Target Tracking Using Random Matrix With Nonlinear Measurements
5143 -- 5152Haotian Xu, Stéphane Guerrier, Roberto Molinari, Mucyo Karemera. Multivariate Signal Modeling With Applications to Inertial Sensor Calibration
5153 -- 5168Noyan Cem Sevüktekin, Andrew C. Singer. Representation and Reconstruction of Finite-Energy Band-Limited Signals via Pulse-Width Modulation
5169 -- 5183Serkan Saritas, Sinan Gezici, Serdar Yüksel. Hypothesis Testing Under Subjective Priors and Costs as a Signaling Game
5184 -- 5199Youye Xie, Michael B. Wakin, Gongguo Tang. Simultaneous Sparse Recovery and Blind Demodulation

Volume 67, Issue 18

4668 -- 4682Prem Singh, Himanshu B. Mishra, Aditya K. Jagannatham, Kasturi Vasudevan. Semi-Blind, Training, and Data-Aided Channel Estimation Schemes for MIMO-FBMC-OQAM Systems
4683 -- 4695Linlong Wu, Daniel P. Palomar. Sequence Design for Spectral Shaping via Minimization of Regularized Spectral Level Ratio
4696 -- 4706Chengxi Li, Gang Li 0008, Bhavya Kailkhura, Pramod K. Varshney. Secure Distributed Detection of Sparse Signals via Falsification of Local Compressive Measurements
4707 -- 4719Mohammad Mahdi Naghsh, Maryam Masjedi, Arman Adibi, Petre Stoica. Max-Min Fairness Design for MIMO Interference Channels: A Minorization-Maximization Approach
4720 -- 4729Shishan Yang, Marcus Baum. Tracking the Orientation and Axes Lengths of an Elliptical Extended Object
4730 -- 4744Tian Xie, Linglong Dai, Derrick Wing Kwan Ng, Chan-Byoung Chae. On the Power Leakage Problem in Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO With Lens Antenna Arrays
4745 -- 4760Yang Zhang, K. C. Ho 0001. Multistatic Localization in the Absence of Transmitter Position
4761 -- 4771Dongliang Su, Yi Jiang 0002, Xin Wang 0003, Xiqi Gao. Omnidirectional Precoding for Massive MIMO With Uniform Rectangular Array - Part I: Complementary Codes-Based Schemes
4772 -- 4781Dongliang Su, Yi Jiang 0002, Xin Wang 0003, Xiqi Gao. Omnidirectional Precoding for Massive MIMO With Uniform Rectangular Array - Part II: Numerical Optimization Based Schemes
4782 -- 4794Somsubhra Barik, Haris Vikalo. Matrix Completion and Performance Guarantees for Single Individual Haplotyping
4795 -- 4808Ngoc Hung Nguyen, Kutluyil Dogançay, Ercan Engin Kuruoglu. An Iteratively Reweighted Instrumental-Variable Estimator for Robust 3-D AOA Localization in Impulsive Noise
4809 -- 4824Xinyu Gao, Linglong Dai, Shidong Zhou, Akbar M. Sayeed, Lajos Hanzo. Wideband Beamspace Channel Estimation for Millimeter-Wave MIMO Systems Relying on Lens Antenna Arrays
4825 -- 4838Xu Tang, Mingyan Li, Ratnasingham Tharmarasa, Thiagalingam Kirubarajan. Seamless Tracking of Apparent Point and Extended Targets Using Gaussian Process PMHT
4839 -- 4854Gilles Baechler, Miranda Krekovic, Juri Ranieri, Amina Chebira, Yue M. Lu, Martin Vetterli. Super Resolution Phase Retrieval for Sparse Signals
4855 -- 4869Keng-Shih Lu, Antonio Ortega. Fast Graph Fourier Transforms Based on Graph Symmetry and Bipartition
4870 -- 4885Elvin Isufi, Andreas Loukas, Nathanaël Perraudin, Geert Leus. Forecasting Time Series With VARMA Recursions on Graphs
4886 -- 4898Xueqian Wang, Gang Li 0008, Chen Quan, Pramod K. Varshney. Distributed Detection of Sparse Stochastic Signals With Quantized Measurements: The Generalized Gaussian Case
4899 -- 4914Rui Zhang, Peng Cheng 0002, Zhuo Chen 0001, Yonghui Li 0001, Branka Vucetic. A Learning-Based Two-Stage Spectrum Sharing Strategy With Multiple Primary Transmit Power Levels

Volume 67, Issue 17

4402 -- 4417Xingjian Li, Jun Fang, Huiping Duan, Zhi Chen, Hongbin Li. Fast Beam Alignment for Millimeter Wave Communications: A Sparse Encoding and Phaseless Decoding Approach
4418 -- 4432Charles Jeon, Kaipeng Li, Joseph R. Cavallaro, Christoph Studer. Decentralized Equalization With Feedforward Architectures for Massive MU-MIMO
4433 -- 4448Hang Liu, Xiaojun Yuan 0002, Ying Jun Zhang. Super-Resolution Blind Channel-and-Signal Estimation for Massive MIMO With One-Dimensional Antenna Array
4449 -- 4463Junhan Kim, Jian Wang 0016, Byonghyo Shim. Nearly Optimal Restricted Isometry Condition for Rank Aware Order Recursive Matching Pursuit
4464 -- 4478Cong Shen. Universal Best Arm Identification
4479 -- 4493Taras Bodnar, Solomiia Dmytriv, Nestor Parolya, Wolfgang Schmid. Tests for the Weights of the Global Minimum Variance Portfolio in a High-Dimensional Setting
4494 -- 4506Zhi Li, Wei Shi, Ming Yan 0006. A Decentralized Proximal-Gradient Method With Network Independent Step-Sizes and Separated Convergence Rates
4507 -- 4520Ahmet H. Kayran, Erdogan Camcioglu. Fully Orthogonal 2-D Lattice Structures for Quarter-Plane and Asymmetric Half-Plane Autoregressive Modeling of Random Fields
4521 -- 4534Tobias Schnier, Carsten Bockelmann, Armin Dekorsy. Modeling the Active Neuron Separation in the Compressed Sensing and Finite Rate of Innovation Framework
4535 -- 4544Arman Kheirati Roonizi. A New Approach to ARMAX Signals Smoothing: Application to Variable-Q ARMA Filter Design
4545 -- 4555Mehryar Emambakhsh, Alessandro Bay, Eduard Vazquez. Convolutional Recurrent Predictor: Implicit Representation for Multi-Target Filtering and Tracking
4556 -- 4569Evan Byrne, Antoine Chatalic, Rémi Gribonval, Philip Schniter. Sketched Clustering via Hybrid Approximate Message Passing
4570 -- 4581Shuqi Chai, Vincent K. N. Lau. Joint Rate and Power Optimization for Multimedia Streaming in Wireless Fading Channels via Parametric Policy Gradient
4582 -- 4596Hoi-To Wai, Anna Scaglione, Baruch Barzel, Amir Leshem. Joint Network Topology and Dynamics Recovery From Perturbed Stationary Points
4597 -- 4610Dror Simon, Jeremias Sulam, Yaniv Romano, Yue M. Lu, Michael Elad. MMSE Approximation For Sparse Coding Algorithms Using Stochastic Resonance
4611 -- 4623Fabing Duan, Yan Pan, François Chapeau-Blondeau, Derek Abbott. Noise Benefits in Combined Nonlinear Bayesian Estimators
4624 -- 4635Ramachandran S. Raghavan. A CFAR Detector for Mismatched Eigenvalues of Training Sample Covariance Matrix
4636 -- 4648Holger Boche, Rafael F. Schaefer, Sebastian Baur, H. Vincent Poor. On the Algorithmic Computability of the Secret Key and Authentication Capacity Under Channel, Storage, and Privacy Leakage Constraints
4649 -- 4664Kangwook Lee, Kabir Chandrasekher, Ramtin Pedarsani, Kannan Ramchandran. SAFFRON: A Fast, Efficient, and Robust Framework for Group Testing Based on Sparse-Graph Codes

Volume 67, Issue 16

4139 -- 4151Peng Xiao, Bin Liao, Jian Li 0001. One-Bit Compressive Sensing via Schur-Concave Function Minimization
4152 -- 4167Xihan Chen, An Liu 0001, Yunlong Cai, Vincent K. N. Lau, Min-Jian Zhao. Randomized Two-Timescale Hybrid Precoding for Downlink Multicell Massive MIMO Systems
4168 -- 4176Eweda Eweda. Stability Bound of the Initial Mean-Square Deviation of High-Order Stochastic Gradient Adaptive Filtering Algorithms
4177 -- 4188Christian A. Naesseth, Fredrik Lindsten, Thomas B. Schön. High-Dimensional Filtering Using Nested Sequential Monte Carlo
4189 -- 4203An Liu 0001, Vincent K. N. Lau, Borna Kananian. Stochastic Successive Convex Approximation for Non-Convex Constrained Stochastic Optimization
4204 -- 4217Wenqian Shen, Linglong Dai, Jianping An, Pingzhi Fan, Robert W. Heath Jr.. Channel Estimation for Orthogonal Time Frequency Space (OTFS) Massive MIMO
4218 -- 4230Bashir Sadeghi, Runyi Yu, Vishnu Naresh Boddeti. Constrained Sampling: Optimum Reconstruction in Subspace With Minimax Regret Constraint
4231 -- 4244Licheng Zhao, Yiwei Wang, Sandeep Kumar 0005, Daniel P. Palomar. Optimization Algorithms for Graph Laplacian Estimation via ADMM and MM
4245 -- 4260Praneeth Narayanamurthy, Vahid Daneshpajooh, Namrata Vaswani. Provable Subspace Tracking From Missing Data and Matrix Completion
4261 -- 4275Jinshan Zeng, Ke Ma, Yuan Yao. On Global Linear Convergence in Stochastic Nonconvex Optimization for Semidefinite Programming
4276 -- 4290Xiaobo Zhou, Shihao Yan, Jinsong Hu, Jiande Sun, Jun Li 0004, Feng Shu 0002. Joint Optimization of a UAV's Trajectory and Transmit Power for Covert Communications
4291 -- 4301Subhra Sankar Dhar, Debasis Kundu, Ujjwal Das. Tests For the Parameters of Chirp Signal Model
4302 -- 4316Cagri Goken, Sinan Gezici, Orhan Arikan. Estimation Theoretic Optimal Encoding Design for Secure Transmission of Multiple Parameters
4317 -- 4332Jiangtao Wang, Yongchao Wang. On the Design of Constant Modulus Probing Waveforms With Good Correlation Properties for MIMO Radar via Consensus-ADMM Approach
4333 -- 4341Omar A. Yeste Ojeda, Jesús Grajal. The Relationship Between the Cyclic Wiener Filter and Fractionally Spaced Equalizers
4342 -- 4356Zheng Wang 0013, Yang Huang, Shanxiang Lyu. Lattice-Reduction-Aided Gibbs Algorithm for Lattice Gaussian Sampling: Convergence Enhancement and Decoding Optimization
4357 -- 4369Alessio Benavoli, Alessio Balleri, Alfonso Farina. Joint Waveform and Guidance Control Optimization for Target Rendezvous
4370 -- 4382Yaqi Liu, Chengcheng Liu, Dexiu Hu, Yongjun Zhao. Robust Adaptive Wideband Beamforming Based on Time Frequency Distribution
4383 -- 4398Nuri Mert Vural, Hakan Gokcesu, Kaan Gokcesu, Suleyman S. Kozat. Minimax Optimal Algorithms for Adversarial Bandit Problem With Multiple Plays

Volume 67, Issue 15

3885 -- 3893Benjamin Friedlander. Localization of Signals in the Near-Field of an Antenna Array
3894 -- 3908Nicki Holighaus, Günther Koliander, Zdenek Prusa, Luís Daniel Abreu. Characterization of Analytic Wavelet Transforms and a New Phaseless Reconstruction Algorithm
3909 -- 3921Hamid Behjat, Zafer Dogan, Dimitri Van De Ville, Leif Sörnmo. Domain-Informed Spline Interpolation
3922 -- 3937Giovanni Soldi, Florian Meyer, Paolo Braca, Franz Hlawatsch. Self-Tuning Algorithms for Multisensor-Multitarget Tracking Using Belief Propagation
3938 -- 3953Junzheng Jiang, Cheng Cheng, Qiyu Sun. Nonsubsampled Graph Filter Banks: Theory and Distributed Algorithms
3954 -- 3969Shuni Li, Yan Jin, David I. Shuman. Scalable M-Channel Critically Sampled Filter Banks for Graph Signals
3970 -- 3984Xing Zhang 0005, Yili Xia, Chunguo Li, Luxi Yang, Danilo P. Mandic. Analysis of the Unconstrained Frequency-Domain Block LMS for Second-Order Noncircular Inputs
3985 -- 3994Tohru Nitta, Masaki Kobayashi, Danilo P. Mandic. Hypercomplex Widely Linear Estimation Through the Lens of Underpinning Geometry
3995 -- 4012Nir Shlezinger, Yonina C. Eldar, Miguel R. D. Rodrigues. Asymptotic Task-Based Quantization With Application to Massive MIMO
4013 -- 4026Yves Teganya, Daniel Romero 0004, Luis M. Lopez-Ramos, Baltasar Beferull-Lozano. Location-Free Spectrum Cartography
4027 -- 4042Prashant Khanduri, Dominique Pastor, Vinod Sharma, Pramod K. Varshney. Truncated Sequential Non-Parametric Hypothesis Testing Based on Random Distortion Testing
4043 -- 4054Hongmei Wang, Xianli Pan, Yitian Xu. Simultaneous Safe Feature and Sample Elimination for Sparse Support Vector Regression
4055 -- 4068Apoorva Chawla, Adarsh Patel, Aditya K. Jagannatham, Pramod K. Varshney. Distributed Detection in Massive MIMO Wireless Sensor Networks Under Perfect and Imperfect CSI
4069 -- 4077Liang Zhang 0006, Gang Wang 0014, Georgios B. Giannakis. Real-Time Power System State Estimation and Forecasting via Deep Unrolled Neural Networks
4078 -- 4092Takehiko Mizoguchi, Isao Yamada. Hypercomplex Tensor Completion via Convex Optimization
4093 -- 4106Yili Xia, Song Tao, Zhe Li 0007, Min Xiang, Wenjiang Pei, Danilo P. Mandic. Full Mean Square Performance Bounds on Quaternion Estimators for Improper Data
4107 -- 4121Yang Yang 0033, Marius Pesavento, Symeon Chatzinotas, Björn E. Ottersten. Energy Efficiency Optimization in MIMO Interference Channels: A Successive Pseudoconvex Approximation Approach
4122 -- 4135Prashant Khanduri, Lakshmi Narasimhan Theagarajan, Pramod K. Varshney. Online Design of Optimal Precoders for High Dimensional Signal Detection

Volume 67, Issue 14

3624 -- 3638Yongwei Huang, Mingkang Zhou, Sergiy A. Vorobyov. New Designs on MVDR Robust Adaptive Beamforming Based on Optimal Steering Vector Estimation
3639 -- 3648Jun Liu 0004, Siyu Sun, Weijian Liu. One-Step Persymmetric GLRT for Subspace Signals
3649 -- 3662Wilder Bezerra Lopes, Cássio Guimarães Lopes. Geometric-Algebra Adaptive Filters
3663 -- 3675Urs Niesen, Jayakrishnan Unnikrishnan. Joint Beamforming and Association Design for MIMO Radar
3676 -- 3688Yi Zhou, Tian Wang 0002, Ronghua Hu, Hang Su, Yi Liu 0041, Xiaoming Liu, Jidong Suo, Hichem Snoussi. Multiple Kernelized Correlation Filters (MKCF) for Extended Object Tracking Using X-Band Marine Radar Data
3689 -- 3703Andrey Gurevich, Kobi Cohen, Qing Zhao 0001. Sequential Anomaly Detection Under a Nonlinear System Cost
3704 -- 3718Joakim Andén, Vincent Lostanlen, Stéphane Mallat. Joint Time-Frequency Scattering
3719 -- 3731Macey Ruble, Charles Ethan Hayes, Matt Welborn, Alenka G. Zajic, Milos Prvulovic, Ann M. Pitruzzello. Hyperdimensional Bayesian Time Mapping (HyperBaT): A Probabilistic Approach to Time Series Mapping of Non-Identical Sequences
3732 -- 3742Karl Granström, Jakob Bramstang. Bayesian Smoothing for the Extended Object Random Matrix Model
3743 -- 3755Shangbo Wang, Guoqiang Mao, J. Andrew Zhang. Joint Time-of-Arrival Estimation for Coherent UWB Ranging in Multipath Environment With Multi-User Interference
3756 -- 3769Cássio Fraga Dantas, Rémi Gribonval. 1 Regularization
3770 -- 3784Yi Chun Hsiao, Yi-Chen Wu, Che Lin. Energy-Efficient Beamforming Design for MU-MISO Mixed RF/VLC Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
3785 -- 3795Juho Liski, Balázs Bank, Julius O. Smith, Vesa Välimäki. Converting Series Biquad Filters Into Delayed Parallel Form: Application to Graphic Equalizers
3796 -- 3805Carlos Granero-Belinchon, Stéphane G. Roux, Patrice Abry, Nicolas B. Garnier. Probing High-Order Dependencies With Information Theory
3806 -- 3817Navid Azizan Ruhi, Farshad Lahouti, Amir Salman Avestimehr, Babak Hassibi. Distributed Solution of Large-Scale Linear Systems via Accelerated Projection-Based Consensus
3818 -- 3831Fangzhou Wang, Hongbin Li, Mark A. Govoni. Power Allocation and Co-Design of Multicarrier Communication and Radar Systems for Spectral Coexistence
3832 -- 3841Bernhard Alois Moser, Michael Lunglmayr. On Quasi-Isometry of Threshold-Based Sampling
3842 -- 3857Lingchen Kong, Chuanqi Qi, Hou-Duo Qi. Classical Multidimensional Scaling: A Subspace Perspective, Over-Denoising, and Outlier Detection
3858 -- 3869Zebin Wu, Wei Zhu 0007, Jocelyn Chanussot, Yang Xu 0006, Stanley Osher. Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection via Global and Local Joint Modeling of Background
3870 -- 3881Joseph Shmuel Picard, Anthony J. Weiss. Direct Position Determination Sensitivity to NLOS Propagation Effects on Doppler-Shift

Volume 67, Issue 13

3347 -- 3360Mohammad Alaee Kerahroodi, Mahmoud Modarres-Hashemi, Mohammad Mahdi Naghsh. Designing Sets of Binary Sequences for MIMO Radar Systems
3361 -- 3371Mohammadreza Soltani, Chinmay Hegde. Fast and Provable Algorithms for Learning Two-Layer Polynomial Neural Networks
3372 -- 3382Iman Valiulahi, Sajad Daei, Farzan Haddadi, Farzad Parvaresh. Two-Dimensional Super-Resolution via Convex Relaxation
3383 -- 3396Subrata Sarkar, Alyson K. Fletcher, Sundeep Rangan, Philip Schniter. Bilinear Recovery Using Adaptive Vector-AMP
3397 -- 3411Wen Fan, Junli Liang, Guoyang Yu, Hing-Cheung So, Guangshan Lu. p-Minimization
3412 -- 3423Luca Carlino, Francesco Bandiera, Angelo Coluccia, Giuseppe Ricci. Improving Localization by Testing Mobility
3424 -- 3438Joshua Rapp, Robin M. A. Dawson, Vivek K. Goyal. Estimation From Quantized Gaussian Measurements: When and How to Use Dither
3439 -- 3454Philip Schniter, Evan Byrne. Adaptive Detection of Structured Signals in Low-Rank Interference
3455 -- 3470Kaiming Liu, WeiFeng Deng, Yuan'an Liu. Theoretical Analysis of the Peak-to-Average Power Ratio and Optimal Pulse Shaping Filter Design for GFDM Systems
3471 -- 3486Joshua Rapp, Yanting Ma, Robin M. A. Dawson, Vivek K. Goyal. Dead Time Compensation for High-Flux Ranging
3487 -- 3501Xianxiang Yu, Guolong Cui, Jing Yang, Lingjiang Kong, Jian Li 0001. Wideband MIMO Radar Waveform Design
3502 -- 3515Qing Shen, Wei Liu 0001, Wei Cui 0001, Siliang Wu, Piya Pal. Simplified and Enhanced Multiple Level Nested Arrays Exploiting High-Order Difference Co-Arrays
3516 -- 3530Linh Manh Hoang, MinJun Kim, Seung-Hyun Kong. Automatic Recognition of General LPI Radar Waveform Using SSD and Supplementary Classifier
3531 -- 3546Chengwen Xing, Xin Zhao, Wei Xu 0001, Xiaodai Dong, Geoffrey Ye Li. A Framework on Hybrid MIMO Transceiver Design Based on Matrix-Monotonic Optimization
3547 -- 3560Jitendra K. Tugnait. Edge Exclusion Tests for Improper Complex Gaussian Graphical Model Selection
3561 -- 3575Khaled Alhujaili, Vishal Monga, Muralidhar Rangaswamy. Transmit MIMO Radar Beampattern Design via Optimization on the Complex Circle Manifold
3576 -- 3591Laleh Badriasl, Sanjeev Arulampalam, John van der Hoek, Anthony Finn. Bayesian WIV Estimators for 3-D Bearings-Only TMA With Speed Constraints
3592 -- 3605Sheng Zhang 0006, Jiashu Zhang, Wei Xing Zheng, Hing-Cheung So. Widely Linear Complex-Valued Estimated-Input LMS Algorithm for Bias-Compensated Adaptive Filtering With Noisy Measurements
3606 -- 3620Yulong Huang, Yonggang Zhang, Yuxin Zhao 0001, Jonathon A. Chambers. A Novel Robust Gaussian-Student's t Mixture Distribution Based Kalman Filter

Volume 67, Issue 12

3073 -- 3086Amin Zollanvari, Edward R. Dougherty. Optimal Bayesian Classification With Vector Autoregressive Data Dependency
3087 -- 3099Kai Yang, Yuanming Shi, Zhi Ding 0001. Data Shuffling in Wireless Distributed Computing via Low-Rank Optimization
3100 -- 3112Yazan Abdoush, Giacomo Pojani, Giovanni Emanuele Corazza. Adaptive Instantaneous Frequency Estimation of Multicomponent Signals Based on Linear Time-Frequency Transforms
3113 -- 3125Daisuke Ito, Satoshi Takabe, Tadashi Wadayama. Trainable ISTA for Sparse Signal Recovery
3126 -- 3139Xuejing Zhang, Zishu He, Bin Liao, Yue Yang, Jinfeng Zhang, Xuepan Zhang. Flexible Array Response Control via Oblique Projection
3140 -- 3153Wenjie Li, Mohamad Assaad. Matrix Exponential Learning Schemes With Low Informational Exchange
3154 -- 3167Nicoletta Saulig, Jonatan Lerga, Zeljka Milanovic, Cornel Ioana. Extraction of Useful Information Content From Noisy Signals Based on Structural Affinity of Clustered TFDs' Coefficients
3168 -- 3180Pawan Bharadwaj, Laurent Demanet, Aimé Fournier. Focused Blind Deconvolution
3181 -- 3196Hongxia Miao, Feng Zhang 0011, Ran Tao. Fractional Fourier Analysis Using the Möbius Inversion Formula
3197 -- 3212Shiqi Gong, Shaodan Ma, Chengwen Xing, Guanghua Yang. Optimal Beamforming and Time Allocation for Partially Wireless Powered Sensor Networks With Downlink SWIPT
3213 -- 3226Chun-Lin Liu, Palghat P. Vaidyanathan. Robustness of Difference Coarrays of Sparse Arrays to Sensor Failures - Part I: A Theory Motivated by Coarray MUSIC
3227 -- 3242Chun-Lin Liu, Palghat P. Vaidyanathan. Robustness of Difference Coarrays of Sparse Arrays to Sensor Failures - Part II: Array Geometries
3243 -- 3257Shahar Stein Ioushua, Yonina C. Eldar. A Family of Hybrid Analog-Digital Beamforming Methods for Massive MIMO Systems
3258 -- 3271Yang Li 0043, Qian He, Rick S. Blum. Limited-Complexity Receiver Design for Passive/Active MIMO Radar Detection
3272 -- 3286Guillermo Ortiz-Jiménez, Mario Coutino, Sundeep Prabhakar Chepuri, Geert Leus. Sparse Sampling for Inverse Problems With Tensors
3287 -- 3299Vien V. Mai, Mikael Johansson 0001. Noisy Accelerated Power Method for Eigenproblems With Applications
3300 -- 3315Cédric Herzet, Clément Dorffer, Angélique Dremeau. Gather and Conquer: Region-Based Strategies to Accelerate Safe Screening Tests
3316 -- 3329Jun Geng, Bingwen Zhang, Lauren M. Huie, Lifeng Lai. Online Change-Point Detection of Linear Regression Models
3330 -- 3343Wen-Liang Hwang, Ping-Tzan Huang, Bo-Chen Kung, Jinn Ho, Tai-Lang Jong. Frame-Based Sparse Analysis and Synthesis Signal Representations and Parseval K-SVD

Volume 67, Issue 11

2794 -- 2809Oguzhan Teke, Palghat P. Vaidyanathan. Random Node-Asynchronous Updates on Graphs
2810 -- 2825Hendrik Vogt, Gerald Enzner, Aydin Sezgin. State-Space Adaptive Nonlinear Self-Interference Cancellation for Full-Duplex Communication
2826 -- 2838Jia Chen, Gang Wang 0014, Georgios B. Giannakis. Graph Multiview Canonical Correlation Analysis
2839 -- 2853Long Dinh Nguyen, Hoang Duong Tuan, Trung Quang Duong, H. Vincent Poor. Multi-User Regularized Zero-Forcing Beamforming
2854 -- 2867Shashank Ranjan, Mathukumalli Vidyasagar. Tight Performance Bounds for Compressed Sensing With Conventional and Group Sparsity
2868 -- 2883Konstantinos Slavakis. The Stochastic Fejér-Monotone Hybrid Steepest Descent Method and the Hierarchical RLS
2884 -- 2897Bin Li, Yik-Chung Wu. Convergence Analysis of Gaussian Belief Propagation Under High-Order Factorization and Asynchronous Scheduling
2898 -- 2910Conghui Li, Lu Gan 0002, Cong Ling 0001. Coprime Sensing via Chinese Remaindering Over Quadratic Fields - Part I: Array Designs
2911 -- 2922Conghui Li, Lu Gan 0002, Cong Ling 0001. Coprime Sensing via Chinese Remaindering Over Quadratic Fields - Part II: Generalizations and Applications
2923 -- 2936Jilt Sebastian, Mari Ganesh Kumar, Venkata Subramanian Viraraghavan, Mriganka Sur, Hema A. Murthy. Spike Estimation From Fluorescence Signals Using High-Resolution Property of Group Delay
2937 -- 2946Kishore Jaganathan, Babak Hassibi. Reconstruction of Signals From Their Autocorrelation and Cross-Correlation Vectors, With Applications to Phase Retrieval and Blind Channel Estimation
2947 -- 2959Yang Lu, Wei Dai, Yonina C. Eldar. Optimal Number of Measurements in a Linear System With Quadratically Decreasing SNR
2960 -- 2972Ángel F. García-Fernández, Filip Tronarp, Simo Särkkä. Gaussian Target Tracking With Direction-of-Arrival von Mises-Fisher Measurements
2973 -- 2986Parna Sabeti, Arman Farhang, Nicola Marchetti, Linda Doyle. Frequency Synchronization for OFDM-Based Massive MIMO Systems
2987 -- 3000Alexandre Marcastel, Elena Veronica Belmega, Panayotis Mertikopoulos, Inbar Fijalkow. Online Power Optimization in Feedback-Limited, Dynamic and Unpredictable IoT Networks
3001 -- 3012Zihao Zhang, Stefan Zohren, Stephen J. Roberts. DeepLOB: Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Limit Order Books
3013 -- 3027Guodong Qin, Moeness G. Amin, Yimin D. Zhang. DOA Estimation Exploiting Sparse Array Motions
3028 -- 3041Vaibhav Garg, Ignacio Santamaría, David Ramírez 0001, Louis L. Scharf. Subspace Averaging and Order Determination for Source Enumeration
3042 -- 3057Nguyen Thi Nhat Anh, Abdesselam Bouzerdoum, Son Lam Phung. A Scalable Hierarchical Gaussian Process Classifier
3058 -- 3069Jun Liu 0004, Jian Li 0001. False Alarm Rate of the GLRT for Subspace Signals in Subspace Interference Plus Gaussian Noise

Volume 67, Issue 10

2516 -- 2527Pablo Martinez Nuevo, Hsin-Yu Lai, Alan V. Oppenheim. Delta-Ramp Encoder for Amplitude Sampling and Its Interpretation as Time Encoding
2528 -- 2542Alec Koppel, Kaiqing Zhang, Hao Zhu 0001, Tamer Basar. Projected Stochastic Primal-Dual Method for Constrained Online Learning With Kernels
2543 -- 2553Zai Yang, Petre Stoica, Jinhui Tang. Source Resolvability of Spatial-Smoothing-Based Subspace Methods: A Hadamard Product Perspective
2554 -- 2564Neev Samuel, Tzvi Diskin, Ami Wiesel. Learning to Detect
2565 -- 2579Yaohua Liu, Wei Xu 0010, Gang Wu, Zhi Tian, Qing Ling. Communication-Censored ADMM for Decentralized Consensus Optimization
2580 -- 2594Shuai Zhang, Meng Wang 0003. Correction of Corrupted Columns Through Fast Robust Hankel Matrix Completion
2595 -- 2607Lei Yin, Ankit Parekh, Ivan W. Selesnick. Stable Principal Component Pursuit via Convex Analysis
2608 -- 2623Yair Noam, Benjamin M. Zaidel. On the Two-User MISO Interference Channel With Single-User Decoding: Impact of Imperfect CSIT and Channel Dimension Reduction
2624 -- 2638Feng Ji, Wenchang Tang, Wee-Peng Tay. On the Properties of Gromov Matrices and Their Applications in Network Inference
2639 -- 2648Shibsankar Das, Sudhan Majhi, Srdjan Z. Budisin, Zi-Long Liu. A New Construction Framework for Polyphase Complete Complementary Codes With Various Lengths
2649 -- 2664Holger Boche, Ullrich J. Mönich, Bernd Meinerzhagen. Non-Existence of Convolution Sum System Representations
2665 -- 2678Trung-Kien Le, K. C. Ho 0001. Uncovering Source Ranges From Range Differences Observed by Sensors at Unknown Positions: Fundamental Theory
2679 -- 2692Akie Sakiyama, Yuichi Tanaka, Toshihisa Tanaka, Antonio Ortega. Eigendecomposition-Free Sampling Set Selection for Graph Signals
2693 -- 2706Xiaomeng Wang, Xin Wang. Hole Identification and Filling in $k$-Times Extended Co-Prime Arrays for Highly Efficient DOA Estimation
2707 -- 2719Esa Ollila, Elias Raninen. Optimal Shrinkage Covariance Matrix Estimation Under Random Sampling From Elliptical Distributions
2720 -- 2733Asahi Ushio, Masahiro Yukawa. Projection-Based Regularized Dual Averaging for Stochastic Optimization
2734 -- 2746Junbo Zhao, Lamine Mili. A Theoretical Framework of Robust H-Infinity Unscented Kalman Filter and Its Application to Power System Dynamic State Estimation
2747 -- 2760Renato L. G. Cavalcante, Qi Liao, Slawomir Stanczak. Connections Between Spectral Properties of Asymptotic Mappings and Solutions to Wireless Network Problems
2761 -- 2774Fernando Gama, Alejandro Ribeiro. Ergodicity in Stationary Graph Processes: A Weak Law of Large Numbers
2775 -- 2790Mark Eisen, Clark Zhang, Luiz F. O. Chamon, Daniel D. Lee, Alejandro Ribeiro. Learning Optimal Resource Allocations in Wireless Systems

Volume 67, Issue 1

4 -- 16Kailiang Xu, Guillaume Marrelec, Simon Bernard, Quentin Grimal. Lorentzian-Model-Based Bayesian Analysis for Automated Estimation of Attenuated Resonance Spectrum
17 -- 28Mostafa Tavassolipour, Seyed Abolfazl Motahari, Mohammad Taghi Manzuri Shalmani. Learning of Tree-Structured Gaussian Graphical Models on Distributed Data Under Communication Constraints
29 -- 40Navid Ghadermarzy, Yaniv Plan, Özgür Yilmaz. Learning Tensors From Partial Binary Measurements
41 -- 53Michael Sandbichler, Karin Schnass. Online and Stable Learning of Analysis Operators
54 -- 69Shaogang Wang, Vishal M. Patel, Athina P. Petropulu. Multidimensional Sparse Fourier Transform Based on the Fourier Projection-Slice Theorem
70 -- 82Mostafa Medra, Yongwei Huang, Timothy N. Davidson. Offset-Based Beamforming: A New Approach to Robust Downlink Transmission
83 -- 96Ramachandran S. Raghavan. False Alarm Analysis of the AMF Algorithm for Mismatched Training
97 -- 109Ron Levie, Federico Monti, Xavier Bresson, Michael M. Bronstein. CayleyNets: Graph Convolutional Neural Networks With Complex Rational Spectral Filters
110 -- 119Roberto F. Leonarduzzi, Patrice Abry, Herwig Wendt, Stéphane Jaffard, Hugo Touchette. A Generalized Multifractal Formalism for the Estimation of Nonconcave Multifractal Spectra
120 -- 135Yingbo Hua. Advanced Properties of Full-Duplex Radio for Securing Wireless Network
136 -- 148Iman Taghavi, Mohamad Farzan Sabahi, Farzad Parvaresh. High Resolution Compressed Sensing Radar Using Difference Set Codes
149 -- 163Markus Eriksson, Tomas Olofsson. Computationally Efficient Off-Line Joint Change Point Detection in Multiple Time Series
164 -- 177Stefano Fortunati, Fulvio Gini, Maria Sabrina Greco, Abdelhak M. Zoubir, Muralidhar Rangaswamy. Semiparametric Inference and Lower Bounds for Real Elliptically Symmetric Distributions
178 -- 193Shanxiang Lyu, Cong Ling 0001. Hybrid Vector Perturbation Precoding: The Blessing of Approximate Message Passing
194 -- 207Ziyang Guo, Dawei Shi, Daniel E. Quevedo, Ling Shi. Secure State Estimation Against Integrity Attacks: A Gaussian Mixture Model Approach
208 -- 220Peng Chen 0018, Zhenxin Cao, Zhimin Chen, Xianbin Wang 0001. Off-Grid DOA Estimation Using Sparse Bayesian Learning in MIMO Radar With Unknown Mutual Coupling
221 -- 233Xin Wang, Jianping He, Peng Cheng 0001, Jiming Chen. Privacy Preserving Collaborative Computing: Heterogeneous Privacy Guarantee and Efficient Incentive Mechanism
234 -- 244Benjamin Friedlander. Polarization Sensitivity of Antenna Arrays
245 -- 259Chongwen Huang, Lei Liu 0005, Chau Yuen, Sumei Sun. Iterative Channel Estimation Using LSE and Sparse Message Passing for MmWave MIMO Systems
260 -- 275Suqi Li, Giorgio Battistelli, Luigi Chisci, Wei Yi, Bailu Wang, Lingjiang Kong. Computationally Efficient Multi-Agent Multi-Object Tracking With Labeled Random Finite Sets