Journal: User Model. User-Adapt. Interact.

Volume 10, Issue 4

251 -- 303Liliana Ardissono, Anna Goy. Tailoring the Interaction with Users in Web Stores
305 -- 308Sandra Carberry, Leah Schroeder. Herbert Clarck, Using Language
309 -- 313Susan Weber McRoy. Gillian Brown, Speakers, Listeners, and Communication: Explorations in Discourse Analysis

Volume 10, Issue 2-3

77 -- 80Sandra Carberry. Preface
81 -- 108Albert T. Corbett, Megan McLaughlin, K. Christine Scarpinatto. Modeling Student Knowledge: Cognitive Tutors in High School and College
109 -- 146Linda Strachan, John Anderson, Murray Sneesby, Mark Evans. Minimalist User Modelling in a Complex Commercial Software System
147 -- 180Daniel Billsus, Michael J. Pazzani. User Modeling for Adaptive News Access
181 -- 208Frank Linton, Hans-Peter Schaefer. Recommender Systems for Learning: Building User and Expert Models through Long-Term Observation of Application Use
209 -- 249Josef Fink, Alfred Kobsa. A Review and Analysis of Commercial User Modeling Servers for Personalization on the World Wide Web

Volume 10, Issue 1

1 -- 45Stephanie M. Doane, Young-Woo Sohn. ADAPT: A Predictive Cognitive Model of User Visual Attention and Action Planning
47 -- 72Alison Cawsey, Ray Jones, Janne Pearson. The Evaluation of a Personalised Health Information System for Patients with Cancer
73 -- 75Fiorella de Rosis. Mark Maybury (Author), Intelligent Multimedia Information Retrieval