Journal: User Model. User-Adapt. Interact.

Volume 22, Issue 4-5

313 -- 316Alexander Felfernig, Robin D. Burke, Pearl Pu. Preface to the special issue on user interfaces for recommender systems
317 -- 355Pearl Pu, Li Chen, Rong Hu. Evaluating recommender systems from the user's perspective: survey of the state of the art
357 -- 397Alina Pommeranz, Joost Broekens, Pascal Wiggers, Willem-Paul Brinkman, Catholijn M. Jonker. Designing interfaces for explicit preference elicitation: a user-centered investigation of preference representation and elicitation process
399 -- 439Nava Tintarev, Judith Masthoff. Evaluating the effectiveness of explanations for recommender systems - Methodological issues and empirical studies on the impact of personalization
441 -- 504Bart P. Knijnenburg, Martijn C. Willemsen, Zeno Gantner, Hakan Soncu, Chris Newell. Explaining the user experience of recommender systems

Volume 22, Issue 3

223 -- 254Liliana Ardissono, Gianni Bosio. Context-dependent awareness support in open collaboration environments
255 -- 279Joris H. Janssen, Egon L. van den Broek, Joyce H. D. M. Westerink. Tune in to your emotions: a robust personalized affective music player
281 -- 311Marcelo Gabriel Armentano, AnalĂ­a Amandi. Modeling sequences of user actions for statistical goal recognition

Volume 22, Issue 1-2

1 -- 7Judy Kay, Gordon I. McCalla. Coming of age: celebrating a quarter century of user modeling and personalization: Guest editors' introduction
9 -- 38Michel C. Desmarais, Ryan Shaun Joazeiro de Baker. A review of recent advances in learner and skill modeling in intelligent learning environments
39 -- 72Antonija Mitrovic. Fifteen years of constraint-based tutors: what we have achieved and where we are going
73 -- 99Liliana Ardissono, Tsvi Kuflik, Daniela Petrelli. Personalization in cultural heritage: the road travelled and the one ahead
101 -- 123Joseph A. Konstan, John Riedl. Recommender systems: from algorithms to user experience
125 -- 150Li Chen, Pearl Pu. Critiquing-based recommenders: survey and emerging trends
151 -- 175Georgios Paliouras. Discovery of Web user communities and their role in personalization
177 -- 201Julita Vassileva. Motivating participation in social computing applications: a user modeling perspective
203 -- 220Eran Toch, Yang Wang 0005, Lorrie Faith Cranor. Personalization and privacy: a survey of privacy risks and remedies in personalization-based systems
221 -- 0. James Chen annual award for best journal article