Journal: User Model. User-Adapt. Interact.

Volume 28, Issue 4-5

331 -- 390Malte Ludewig, Dietmar Jannach. Evaluation of session-based recommendation algorithms
391 -- 423Kai Zhan, Ingrid Zukerman, Andisheh Partovi. Identifying factors that influence the acceptability of smart devices: implications for recommendations
425 -- 453Jukka Vahlo, Jouni Smed, Aki Koponen. Validating gameplay activity inventory (GAIN) for modeling player profiles
455 -- 0. Acknowledgment to reviewers

Volume 28, Issue 3

205 -- 0. James Chen Annual Award for Best Journal Article
207 -- 235Radek Pelánek. The details matter: methodological nuances in the evaluation of student models
237 -- 276Wen Wu, Li Chen, Yu Zhao. Personalizing recommendation diversity based on user personality
277 -- 329Guangyuan Piao, John G. Breslin. Inferring user interests in microblogging social networks: a survey

Volume 28, Issue 2

97 -- 125Alan Said, Alejandro Bellogín. Coherence and inconsistencies in rating behavior: estimating the magic barrier of recommender systems
127 -- 203Josh Gardner, Christopher Brooks. Student success prediction in MOOCs

Volume 28, Issue 1

1 -- 34Nataliya Mogles, Julian Padget, Elizabeth Gabe-Thomas, Ian Walker, Jeehang Lee. A computational model for designing energy behaviour change interventions
35 -- 74Juho Hamari, Lobna Hassan, Antonio Dias. Gamification, quantified-self or social networking? Matching users' goals with motivational technology
75 -- 96Samer Muthana Sarsam, Hosam Al-Samarraie. Towards incorporating personality into the design of an interface: a method for facilitating users' interaction with the display