Journal: Journal in Computer Virology

Volume 8, Issue 4

117 -- 131Axelle Apvrille. Symbian worm Yxes: towards mobile botnets?
133 -- 140Mihai Cimpoesu, Dragos Gavrilut, Adrian Popescu. The proactivity of Perceptron derived algorithms in malware detection
141 -- 149Anoirel Issa. Anti-virtual machines and emulations
151 -- 163Cristina Vatamanu, Dragos Gavrilut, Razvan Benchea. A practical approach on clustering malicious PDF documents

Volume 8, Issue 3

73 -- 84Craig Miles, Arun Lakhotia, Andrew Walenstein. In situ reuse of logically extracted functional components
85 -- 97P. Ranjith, Chandran Priya, Kaleeswaran Shalini. On covert channels between virtual machines
99 -- 108Mojtaba Eskandari, Sattar Hashemi. ECFGM: enriched control flow graph miner for unknown vicious infected code detection
109 -- 116Mihai Cimpoesu, Claudiu Popa. Dronezilla: designing an accurate malware behavior retrieval system

Volume 8, Issue 1-2

1 -- 13Weiqin Ma, Pu Duan, Sanmin Liu, Guofei Gu, Jyh-Charn Liu. Shadow attacks: automatically evading system-call-behavior based malware detection
15 -- 27Eddy Deligne. ARDrone corruption
29 -- 36Vincent Guyot. Smart card, the stealth leaker
37 -- 52Neha Runwal, Richard M. Low, Mark Stamp. Opcode graph similarity and metamorphic detection
53 -- 60John Aycock. What's in a name. . . generator?
61 -- 71Axelle Apvrille, Tim Strazzere. Reducing the window of opportunity for Android malware Gotta catch 'em all