Journal: Journal in Computer Virology

Volume 9, Issue 4

171 -- 178Marius Barat, Dumitru-Bogdan Prelipcean, Dragos Teodor Gavrilut. A study on common malware families evolution in 2012
179 -- 192Donabelle Baysa, Richard M. Low, Mark Stamp. Structural entropy and metamorphic malware
193 -- 204Ying Cao, Qiguang Miao, Jiachen Liu, Lin Gao. Abstracting minimal security-relevant behaviors for malware analysis
205 -- 214Cristina Vatamanu, Dragos Gavrilut, Razvan-Mihai Benchea. Building a practical and reliable classifier for malware detection

Volume 9, Issue 3

109 -- 123Arun Lakhotia, Andrew Walenstein, Craig Miles, Anshuman Singh. VILO: a rapid learning nearest-neighbor classifier for malware triage
125 -- 135Jonathan Dechaux. The Office Demon: Minos
137 -- 157Radhouane Chouchane, Natalia Stakhanova, Andrew Walenstein, Arun Lakhotia. Detecting machine-morphed malware variants via engine attribution
159 -- 170Gayathri Shanmugam, Richard M. Low, Mark Stamp. Simple substitution distance and metamorphic detection

Volume 9, Issue 2

49 -- 58Sudarshan Madenur Sridhara, Mark Stamp. Metamorphic worm that carries its own morphing engine
59 -- 63Arnim Eijkhoudt, Tristan Suerink. Uforia: Universal forensic indexer and analyzer
65 -- 76Valentin Hamon. Malicious URI resolving in PDF documents
77 -- 93Mojtaba Eskandari, Zeinab Khorshidpour, Sattar Hashemi. HDM-Analyser: a hybrid analysis approach based on data mining techniques for malware detection
95 -- 107Baptiste David, Dorian Larget, Thibaut Scherrer. The security of databases: the Access case

Volume 9, Issue 1

1 -- 14Annie H. Toderici, Mark Stamp. Chi-squared distance and metamorphic virus detection
15 -- 26François Goichon, Guillaume Salagnac, Pierre Parrend, Stéphane Frénot. Static vulnerability detection in Java service-oriented components
27 -- 33Vlasti Broucek, Paul Turner. Technical, legal and ethical dilemmas: distinguishing risks arising from malware and cyber-attack tools in the 'cloud' - a forensic computing perspective
35 -- 47Ming Xu, Lingfei Wu, Shuhui Qi, Jian Xu, Haiping Zhang, Yizhi Ren, Ning Zheng. A similarity metric method of obfuscated malware using function-call graph