Journal: IEEE Veh. Technol. Mag.

Volume 9, Issue 4

4 -- 12Bill Fleming. Advances in Automotive Electronics [Automotive Electronics]
14 -- 28Javier Gozálvez. Prestandard 5G Developments [Mobile Radio]
21 -- 28Harvey Glickenstein. Expansion and Electrification of Metro Systems Around the World [Transportation Systems]
29 -- 33Elisabeth Uhlemann. Workshop Report: Wireless Vehicular Communications [Society News]
34 -- 39Efthymios Karabetsos, Efthymia Kalampaliki, Dimitrios Koutounidis. Testing Hybrid Technology Cars: Static and Extremely Low-Frequency Magnetic Field Measurements
40 -- 50Athul Prasad, Andreas Kunz, Genadi Velev, Konstantinos Samdanis, JaeSeung Song. Energy-Efficient D2D Discovery for Proximity Services in 3GPP LTE-Advanced Networks: ProSe Discovery Mechanisms
51 -- 60Andreas Polydoros, Nikos Dimitriou, Gianmarco Baldini, Igor Nai Fovino, Marco Taddeo, Antonio M. Cipriano. Public Protection and Disaster Relief Communication System Integrity: A Radio-Flexibility and Identity-Based Cryptography Approach
61 -- 70Jordi Calabuig, Jose F. Monserrat, David Gozalvez, Oliver Klemp. Safety on the Roads: LTE Alternatives for Sending ITS Messages
71 -- 77Giovanni Lanzara, Gino D'Ovidio, Francesco Crisi. UAQ4 Levitating Train: Italian Maglev Transportation System

Volume 9, Issue 3

3 -- 23Bill Fleming. Advances in Automotive Electronics [Automotive Electronics]
10 -- 17Javier Gozálvez. Long-Term Evolution Direct: A Device-to-Device Discovery Platform [Mobile Radio]
18 -- 23Harvey Glickenstein. Upgrades to Transportation Systems Worldwide [Transportation Systems]
24 -- 26Vasilis Friderikos, Maryline Hélard, Jari Porras, T. Rama Rao. Toward a Smart, Fully Connected Society: An Overview of the 32nd Meeting of the Wireless World Research Forum [From the Guest Editors]
28 -- 38Fariborz Entezami, Martin Tunicliffe, Christos Politis. Find the Weakest Link: Statistical Analysis on Wireless Sensor Network Link-Quality Metrics
39 -- 46Yi Wang, Jian Li, Lei Huang 0001, Yao Jing, Andreas Georgakopoulos, Panagiotis Demestichas. 5G Mobile: Spectrum Broadening to Higher-Frequency Bands to Support High Data Rates
47 -- 55Ramon Ferrús, Oriol Sallent. Extending the LTE\/LTE-A Business Case: Mission- and Business-Critical Mobile Broadband Communications
56 -- 62Toktam Mahmoodi, Srini Seetharaman. Traffic Jam: Handling the Increasing Volume of Mobile Data Traffic
63 -- 71Marcos Katz, Frank H. P. Fitzek, Daniel E. Lucani, Patrick Seeling. Mobile Clouds as the Building Blocks of Shareconomy: Sharing Resources Locally and Widely
72 -- 79Klaus David, Gisela Bieling, Doreen Böhnstedt, Silke Jandt, Sandra Ohly, Alexander Robnagel, Antje Schmitt, Ralf Steinmetz, Ruth Stock-Homburg, Arno Wacker. Balancing the Online Life: Mobile Usage Scenarios and Strategies for a New Communication Paradigm
80 -- 85David F. Thurston. Broken Rail Detection: Practical Application of New Technology or Risk Mitigation Approaches
86 -- 93Vitaly Gelman. Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor Rectifiers: Why They Are Not Used in Traction Power Substations
94 -- 103Qimei Cui, Hui Wang 0052, Pengxiang Hu, Xiaofeng Tao, Ping Zhang 0003, Jyri Hämäläinen, Liang Xia. Evolution of Limited-Feedback CoMP Systems from 4G to 5G: CoMP Features and Limited-Feedback Approaches
104 -- 112Yongkai Huo, Mohammed El-Hajjar, Lajos Hanzo. Wireless Video: An Interlayer Error-Protection-Aided Multilayer Approach

Volume 9, Issue 2

4 -- 19Bill Fleming. Advances in Automotive Electronics [Automotive Electronics]
14 -- 19Harvey Glickenstein. News and Views in Transportation [Transportation Systems]
20 -- 28Milos Tesanovic, Emmanuelle Conil, Antonio De Domenico, Ramón Agüero, Frederik Freudenstein, Luís M. Correia, Serge Bories, Luc Martens, Peter M. Wiedemann, Joe Wiart. The LEXNET Project: Wireless Networks and EMF: Paving the Way for Low-EMF Networks of the Future
29 -- 37Agisilaos Papadogiannis, Michael Färber 0003, Ahmed Saadani, Muhammad Danish Nisar, Petra Weitkemper, Thiago Martins de Moraes, Jacek Gora, Nicolas Cassiau, Dimitri Ktenas, Jaakko Vihriälä, Mourad Khanfouci, Tommy Svensson. Pass It on: Advanced Relaying Concepts and Challenges for Networks Beyond 4G
38 -- 49Ayman Elnashar, Mohamed A. El-Saidny. Extending the Battery Life of Smartphones and Tablets: A Practical Approach to Optimizing the LTE Network
50 -- 57Marco Gramaglia, María Calderón, Carlos J. Bernardos. ABEONA Monitored Traffic: VANET-Assisted Cooperative Traffic Congestion Forecasting
58 -- 68Almudena Díaz-Zayas, Cesar A. García-Pérez, Pedro Merino Gómez. Third-Generation Partnership Project Standards: For Delivery of Critical Communications for Railways
69 -- 77Aleksander Sniady, José Soler. LTE for Railways: Impact on Performance of ETCS Railway Signaling
76 -- 86Andrew Gillespie, Erik S. Johanson, David T. Montvydas. Energy Storage in Pennsylvania: SEPTA's Novel and Innovative Integration of Emerging Smart Grid Technologies

Volume 9, Issue 1

4 -- 9Bill Fleming. An Overview of Advances in Automotive Electronics [Automotive Electronics]
10 -- 27Javier Gozálvez. South Korea Launches LTE-Advanced [Mobile Radio]
17 -- 21Harvey Glickenstein. What Next in Transportation? [Transportation Systems]
22 -- 27Dennis Bodson. Revisions and Amendments in Standards [Standards]
28 -- 35Igor Lopez, Marina Aguado, Eduardo Jacob. End-to-End Multipath Technology: Enhancing Availability and Reliability in Next-Generation Packet-Switched Train Signaling Systems
36 -- 45Metin Aydin, Mustafa K. Guven. Comparing Various PM Synchronous Generators: A Feasible Solution for High-Power, Off-Highway, Series Hybrid, Electric Traction Applications
46 -- 53Angeliki Alexiou. Wireless World 2020: Radio Interface Challenges and Technology Enablers
54 -- 63Chandra S. Bontu, Shalini Periyalwar, Mark Pecen. Wireless Wide-Area Networks for Internet of Things: An Air Interface Protocol for IoT and a Simultaneous Access Channel for Uplink IoT Communication
64 -- 70Gerhard P. Fettweis. The Tactile Internet: Applications and Challenges
71 -- 78Qian (Clara) Li, Huaning Niu, Apostolos Papathanassiou, Geng Wu. 5G Network Capacity: Key Elements and Technologies