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John Wu is a research scientist whose research interests currently focusing on Foundation of Game Science, Gametrics or Statistical Game Theory, Game Engineering or Algorithmic Game Theory.

John Wu is a member of council of China Game Theory Society of ORSC, he is also a member of Chinese Game Theory and Experimental Economics Association.

John Wu's research extend Robert Aumann’s famous solution concept----Correlated Equilibrium to game situation analytic tool---- Strategic Correlativity Principle (SCP), Based on Michael Chwe’s Signed Covariance Lemma, which is very useful in Game Engineering, i.e., the information correlativity of social game in Facebook and many other SNS websites, or the content correlativity of Quality Score of Advertising of Generalized Second Price(GSP) auction in Google and many other search engines.

John Wu and his academic friends is looking for establishing a world leading research Center for Game Science and Engineering in Shanghai, affiliated to some China's famous university. If you are interested in donating the new center or joining in their research team, please send him an email.

John Wu is looking for research partners in the above amazing fields, if you are interested in cooperating with me, please send him an email.


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