Spanner: Becoming a SQL System

David F. Bacon, Nathan Bales, Nicolas Bruno, Brian F. Cooper, Adam Dickinson, Andrew Fikes, Campbell Fraser, Andrey Gubarev, Milind Joshi, Eugene Kogan, Alexander Lloyd, Sergey Melnik, Rajesh Rao, David Shue, Christopher Taylor, Marcel van der Holst, Dale Woodford. Spanner: Becoming a SQL System. In Semih Salihoglu, Wenchao Zhou, Rada Chirkova, Jun Yang 0001, Dan Suciu, editors, Proceedings of the 2017 ACM International Conference on Management of Data, SIGMOD Conference 2017, Chicago, IL, USA, May 14-19, 2017. pages 331-343, ACM, 2017. [doi]


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