Agent-Based and Population-Based Simulation of Displacement of Crime (extended abstract)

Tibor Bosse, Charlotte Gerritsen, Mark Hoogendoorn, Syed Waqar Jaffry, Jan Treur. Agent-Based and Population-Based Simulation of Displacement of Crime (extended abstract). In Malik Ghallab, Constantine D. Spyropoulos, Nikos Fakotakis, Nikolaos M. Avouris, editors, ECAI 2008 - 18th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Patras, Greece, July 21-25, 2008, Proceedings. Volume 178 of Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, pages 877-878, IOS Press, 2008. [doi]


Within Criminology, the process of crime displacement is usually explained by referring to the interaction of three types of agents: criminals, passers-by, and guardians. Most existing simulation models of this process are agent-based. However, when the number of agents considered becomes large, population-based simulation has computational advantages over agent-based simulation. This paper presents both an agent-based and a population-based simulation model of crime displacement, and reports a comparative evaluation of the two models. In addition, an approach is put forward to analyse the behaviour of both models by means of formal techniques.