TIDE: A Generic Debugging Framework - Tool Demonstration

Mark G. J. van den Brand, Bas Cornelissen, Pieter A. Olivier, Jurgen J. Vinju. TIDE: A Generic Debugging Framework - Tool Demonstration. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, 141(4):161-165, 2005. [doi]


A language specific interactive debugger is one of the tools that we expect in any mature programming environment. We present applications of TIDE: a generic debugging framework that is related to the ASF+SDF Meta-Environment. TIDE can be applied to different levels of debugging that occur in language design.

Firstly, TIDE was used to obtain a full-fledged debugger for language specifications based on term rewriting. Secondly, TIDE can be instantiated for any other programming language, including but not limited to domain specific languages that are defined and implemented using ASF+SDF.

We demonstrate the common debugging interface, and indicate the amount of effort needed to instantiate new debuggers based on TIDE.