Automating Co-evolution in Model-Driven Engineering

Antonio Cicchetti, Davide Di Ruscio, Romina Eramo, Alfonso Pierantonio. Automating Co-evolution in Model-Driven Engineering. In 12th International IEEE Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference, ECOC 2008, 15-19 September 2008, Munich, Germany. pages 222-231, IEEE Computer Society, 2008. [doi]


Software development is witnessing the increasing need of version management techniques for supporting the evolution of model-based artefacts. In this respect, metamodels can be considered one of the basic concepts of Model-Driven Engineering and are expected to evolve during their life-cycle. As a consequence,models conforming to changed metamodels have to be updated for preserving their wellformedness. This paper deals with the co-adaptation problems by proposing higher-order model transformations which take a difference model recording the metamodel evolution and produce a model transformation able to co-evolve the involved models.