A Machine-Checked Proof of the Odd Order Theorem

Georges Gonthier, Andrea Asperti, Jeremy Avigad, Yves Bertot, Cyril Cohen, François Garillot, Stéphane Le Roux, Assia Mahboubi, Russell O'Connor, Sidi Ould Biha, Ioana Pasca, Laurence Rideau, Alexey Solovyev, Enrico Tassi, Laurent Théry. A Machine-Checked Proof of the Odd Order Theorem. In Sandrine Blazy, Christine Paulin-Mohring, David Pichardie, editors, Interactive Theorem Proving - 4th International Conference, ITP 2013, Rennes, France, July 22-26, 2013. Proceedings. Volume 7998 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 163-179, Springer, 2013. [doi]


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