Modeling Dynamics of Relative Trust of Competitive Information Agents

Mark Hoogendoorn, Syed Waqar Jaffry, Jan Treur. Modeling Dynamics of Relative Trust of Competitive Information Agents. In Matthias Klusch, Michal Pechoucek, Axel Polleres, editors, Cooperative Information Agents XII, 12th International Workshop, CIA 2008, Prague, Czech Republic, September 10-12, 2008. Proceedings. Volume 5180 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 55-70, Springer, 2008. [doi]


In order for personal assistant agents in an ambient intelligence context to provide good recommendations, or pro-actively support humans in task allocation, a good model of what the human prefers is essential. One aspect that can be considered to tailor this support to the preferences of humans is trust. This measurement of trust should incorporate the notion of relativeness since a personal assistant agent typically has a choice of advising substitutable options. In this paper such a model for relative trust is presented, whereby a number of parameters can be set that represent characteristics of a human.