Safety-Critical Software Development in C++

Daniel Kästner, Christoph Cullmann, Gernot Gebhard, Sebastian Hahn 0001, Thomas Karos, Laurent Mauborgne, Stephan Wilhelm, Christian Ferdinand. Safety-Critical Software Development in C++. In António Casimiro, Frank Ortmeier, Erwin Schoitsch, Friedemann Bitsch, Pedro M. Ferreira 0001, editors, Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security. SAFECOMP 2020 Workshops - DECSoS 2020, DepDevOps 2020, USDAI 2020, and WAISE 2020, Lisbon, Portugal, September 15, 2020, Proceedings. Volume 12235 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 98-110, Springer, 2020. [doi]

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