Steps in Enterprise Modelling

Ioannis L. Kotsiopoulos, Torsten Engel, Frank-Walter Jaekel, Kurt Kosanke, Juan Carlos Mendez Barreiro, Angel Ortiz Bas, Michaël Petit, Patric Raynaud. Steps in Enterprise Modelling. In Kurt Kosanke, Roland Jochem, James G. Nell, Ángel Ortiz Bas, editors, Enterprise Inter- and Intra-Organizational Integration: Building International Consensus, IFIP TC5/WG5.12 International Conference on Enterprise Integration and Modeling Technique (ICEIMT 02), April 24-26, 2002, Valencia, Spain. Volume 236 of IFIP Conference Proceedings, pages 337-345, Kluwer, 2002.


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