5.9 Haswell: A family of IA 22nm processors

Nasser A. Kurd, Muntaquim Chowdhury, Edward Burton, Thomas P. Thomas, Christopher Mozak, Brent Boswell, Manoj Lal, Anant Deval, Jonathan Douglas, Ali M. El-Husseini, Ankireddy Nalamalpu, Timothy M. Wilson, Matthew Merten, Srinivas Chennupaty, Wilfred Gomes, Rajesh Kumar. 5.9 Haswell: A family of IA 22nm processors. In 2014 IEEE International Conference on Solid-State Circuits Conference, ISSCC 2014, Digest of Technical Papers, San Francisco, CA, USA, February 9-13, 2014. pages 112-113, IEEE, 2014. [doi]


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