Prological Language Processing

Ralf Lämmel, Günter Riedewald. Prological Language Processing. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, 44(2):132-156, 2001. [doi]


We describe a Prolog-based approach to the development of language processors (such as preprocessors, frontends, evaluators, tools for software modification and analysis). The design of the corresponding environment Laptob for prological language processing is outlined. Language processor definitions in Laptob are basically Prolog programs. The programs might contain grammars, that is, we consider logic grammars. The programs can be typed, and they can be higher-order. The adaptation and composition of the logic programs themselves is supported by meta-programming. The environment offers tool support for efficient scanning, testing, and application development based on a make-system. We report on recent and ongoing applications of the Prolog-based approach.