A Brochette of Socially Interactive Robots

François Michaud, Dominic Létourneau, Pierre Lepage, Yan Morin, Frédéric Gagnon, Patrick Giguère, Eric Beaudry, Yannick Brosseau, Carle Côté, Audrey Duquette, Jean-François Laplante, Marc-Antoine Legault, Pierre Moisan, Arnaud Ponchon, Clément Raïevsky, Marc-André Roux, Tamie Salter, Jean-Marc Valin, Serge Caron, Patrice Masson, Froduald Kabanza, Michel Lauria. A Brochette of Socially Interactive Robots. In Manuela M. Veloso, Subbarao Kambhampati, editors, Proceedings, The Twentieth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence and the Seventeenth Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference, July 9-13, 2005, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. pages 1733-1734, AAAI Press / The MIT Press, 2005.