Automated Derivation of Translators From Annotated Grammars

Diego Ordonez Camacho, Kim Mens, Mark G. J. van den Brand, Jurgen J. Vinju. Automated Derivation of Translators From Annotated Grammars. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, 164(2), 2006. [doi]


In this paper we propose a technique to automate the process of building translators between operations languages, a family of DSLs used to program satellite operations procedures. We exploit the similarities between those languages to semi-automatically build a transformation schema between them, through the use of annotated grammars. To improve the overall translation process even more, reducing its complexity, we also propose an intermediate representation common to all operations languages. We validate our approach by semi-automatically deriving translators between some operations languages, using a prototype tool which we implemented for that purpose.


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