Adinda: A Knowledgable, Browser-Based IDE

Arie van Deursen, Ali Mesbah, Bas Cornelissen, Andy Zaidman, Martin Pinzger, Anja Guzzi. Adinda: A Knowledgable, Browser-Based IDE . In ICSE New Ideas and Emerging Results Track. 2010.


In practice, many people have to work together to develop and maintain a software system. However, the programmer’s key tool, the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), is a solo-tool, serving to help individual programmers understand and modify the system. Such an IDE does not leverage the knowledge other team members may have of the design and implementation of the system. We propose to resolve this problem by exploring, experimentally, new ways of inferring knowledge from past IDE-interactions, and of maximizing collaboration among developers. Our approach, called ADINDA, revolves around transforming the IDE into a set of integrated services, accessible via a web browser, and enriched with Web 2.0 technologies. Such services will not only help developers perform traditional IDE tasks, but also facilitate the required informal communication and collaboration needs of software development projects. In this paper, we report on our vision, approach and challenges for building ADINDA, and initial results.