Freeflight: a virtual endoscopy system

David J. Vining, David R. Stelts, David K. Ahn, Paul F. Hemler, Yaorong Ge, Gordon W. Hunt, Christopher Siege, Daniel B. McCorquodale, Mark E. Sarojak, Gilbert Ferretti. Freeflight: a virtual endoscopy system. In Jocelyne Troccaz, W. Eric L. Grimson, Ralf Mösges, editors, CVRMed-MRCAS 97, First Joint Conference Computer Vision, Virtual Reality and Robotics in Medicine and Medial Robotics and Computer-Assisted Surgery, Grenoble, France, March 19-22, 1997, Proceedings. Volume 1205 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 413-416, Springer, 1997.

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