Modellbasierter Entwurf einer plattformunabängigen Beschreibungssprache für DEVS-Simulationsmodelle

Robert Waltemath. Modellbasierter Entwurf einer plattformunabängigen Beschreibungssprache für DEVS-Simulationsmodelle. Master's thesis, University of Rostock, Germany, September 2008.


Existing simulation platforms for Devs models differ in the languages and interfaces used for modeling. To facilitate the exchange of simulation models among multiple systems, a platform independent description language is needed. Existing approaches lack reuse of data structures, platform independent description of behavior and sup- port for Devs variants.

This thesis presents a platform independent and extensible description language for Devs simulation models. The model-driven approach provides solutions for the platform independent and reusable representation of datatypes and model behavior. Due to its object-oriented design the language can be extended for different variants of the formalism.

The language syntax is given as a metamodel. Transformations can be defined in order to translate models to specific simulation platforms. A transformation for the James II platform is shown. The concept of domain-specific libraries connected to a model description is presented for fully platform independent description of behavior.