End to end influence maximization for HIV prevention

Bryan Wilder, Laura Onasch-Vera, Juliana Hudson, Jose Luna, Nicole Wilson, Robin Petering, Darlene Woo, Milind Tambe, Eric Rice. End to end influence maximization for HIV prevention. In Isabelle Bichindaritz, Christian Guttmann, Pau Herrero, Fernando Koch, Andrew Koster, Richard Lenz, Beatriz López Ibáñez, Cindy Marling, Clare Martin, Sara Montagna, Stefania Montani, Manfred Reichert, David Riaño 0001, Michael Ignaz Schumacher, Annette ten Teije, Nirmalie Wiratunga, editors, Proceedings of the First Joint Workshop on AI in Health organized as part of the Federated AI Meeting (FAIM 2018), co-located with AAMAS 2018, ICML 2018, IJCAI 2018 and ICCBR 2018, Stockholm, Sweden, July 13-14, 2018. Volume 2142 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings, pages 181-192, CEUR-WS.org, 2018. [doi]

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