ACoTA 2010: First International Workshop on Automated Configuration and Tailoring of Applications 2010

September 20, 2010 in Antwerp , Belgium

About the Conference

With the increasing number of applications and the importance of software in our daily lives, it is inevitable that in the near future end-users will be directly involved in configuring and tailoring applications to match their requirements. Such a scenario has several implications for software engineering practices. Major attention will have to be paid to automation of software configuration approaches and tailoring of applications. Software product lines are more important than ever, but need to be deployed in a fundamentally different, more compositional, way and prepared as the basis for a software ecosystem.

Automation of configuration (e.g., the process of selection, composition, and configuration of components or services) is crucial, as end-users are typically not software engineers. Among others, it will be increasingly important to explicitly define and model the variability of applications as a basis for automation. Supporting tailoring of applications means that users themselves can adapt and customize an application to their specific needs, possibly on the fly. This requires abstracting from technical configuration mechanisms and representing variability in a way perceivable and usable by end-users. Rigorous modelling methods, languages, and tools are needed to describe and manage the variability of applications and to implement effective means for configuring and tailoring applications.

Conference Dates

Submissions: June 21, 2010
Notification: July 19, 2010
Event: September 20, 2010-September 20, 2010