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Improved (Faceted) Search

We have deployed a new version of researchr. Due to the work of Elmer van Chastelet on improved support for search in WebDSL in general, and the addition of support for faceted search in particular, the search functionality of researchr has been dramatically improved.

First, search supports searching for publications on more criteria than just title and abstract. In particular, publication search includes author names, venues and publication year. Also, corrections are suggested in case of a typo.

Second, search results come with facets for year, type of publication, tag, venue, and author, which allow you to filter the search results.

Third, the same multi-facet approach is available for all publication lists, such as those in profiles, bibliographies, tag pages, etc.

Fourth, facet search is fast!

The only downside at the moment is that faceted search works on an index which it reloads every 15 minutes. This means that when you’re adding publications to a bibliography, say, you need to wait a little before the new publications show up in the facets.

Posted on 14/07/2012 16:32 by Elmer van Chastelet.

Web Service API

Researchr now provides a first simple version of a read-only web service API producing data in JSON. The API and the format of the JSON is subject to change. Feedback (including ideas for new features) is welcome, preferably via YellowGrass.

Posted on 13/10/2010 11:59 by Eelco Visser.

Performing Systematic Literature Reviews

Researchr has been extended with an integrated workflow for performing systematic literature reviews, which consists of creating a bibliography, defining and executing a search strategy, defining classification schemes, and reviewing and classifying papers. See the following paper for an overview.

Eelco Visser. Performing Systematic Literature Reviews with Researchr: Tool Demonstration. Technical Report TUD-SERG-2010-010, Software Engineering Research Group, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands, May 2010.

Posted on 05/05/2010 20:51 by Eelco Visser.

Auto Tagging Considered Useful

After testing the new auto tagging feature for a couple of days, researchr has decided that it is useful and works well. See the big tag cloud to see the initial results. Thus, the feature is now available for a larger group of users. The threshold on auto tagging has been lowered to users with 500 credits and a cost of 10 credits per tag.

Posted on 24/03/2010 11:26 by Eelco Visser.

More Tag Improvements

Release 36 brings you further improvements of tagging

  • tags can be renamed, that is, the case of tags can be changed e.g. to capitalize the letters of an acronym or to de-capitalize a keyword or phrase

  • apply multiple tags at once for a publication by entering a list of tags separated by commas

  • tags are included in generated bibtex

Another change: some publications such as proceedings or older publications do not have an abstract. This can now be indicated.

Posted on 22/03/2010 19:05 by Eelco Visser.

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