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Researchr Holiday Style

Researchr is in search of a new color scheme. Typical pages on the site are full of links. On some pages (e.g. with publication lists), nearly each phrase is a link. Coloring and/or underlining all these seemed to provide visual overload. But the all black & white scheme makes it hard to identify links embedded in text (such as these blogs).

The current color scheme was proposed by Vadim Zaytsev (also known as @grammarware). It features red section headers and traditional dark blue links. Very appropriate for the season. But does it work (with the rest of the elements of the site)? What do you think? Other proposals for adaptations of the style are welcome; just send me a new version of researchr.css.

Posted on 24/12/2009 15:07 by Eelco Visser.

Video about adding a new conference edition

The first Help page for researchr has been created, and shows how to add a call for papers. The explanation comes with a screencast.

Posted on 22/12/2009 23:58 by Eelco Visser.

Many Improvements in Holiday Release

A new release of researchr has just been deployed. It provides a large number of improvements in response to feedback from users. Most of these improvements should be invisible, i.e. make interaction with the site smoother. Most important fix is uploading of bibtex entries, which was broken.

There are several new features, including

  • Search is improved

  • Site search with Google and Bing

  • Locate a publication in researchr using its DOI
  • Conference search covers more fields
  • Search is still case sensitive, however.
  • Faceted search of bibliographies, organizing publications in a bibliography by year or by tag.

  • Conference calendar is linked from the main application menu and shows upcoming events and upcoming submission deadlines. Conferences for upcoming years can be created with important dates and call for papers. Add them for your favourite conferences.

Posted on 21/12/2009 18:01 by Eelco Visser.

Non-ASCII Characters in Exported BibTeX

The bibtex entries that you download from researchr may contain non-ASCII characters, such as with the authors of the following paper:

    title = {Introductory paper},
    author = {Andy Schürr and Heiko Dörr},
    year = {2005},
    doi = {},
    journal = {Software and Systems Modeling},
    volume = {4},
    number = {2},
    pages = {109-111},

To use such entries in your LaTeX document, use the inputenc.sty package as follows:


Posted on 08/12/2009 20:56 by Eelco Visser.

Batch identification of co-authors

Today a new version of researchr was deployed. The release addresses a whole range of minor issues. The main visible improvements are the following:

  • Batch identification of co-authors. The co-authors tab of a profile now lists all co-authors, including those who are not identified. The question mark link after those co-authors leads to a form that can be used to identify the co-author for all co-authored papers at once.

  • RSS feeds for publication lists of profiles. Subscribe to publications of your favourite authors and get notified of new publications.

  • Export of compact bibtex lists. Instead of including all the details about a publication, up to the location of the conference, compact BibTeX provides a minimal citation that is usually sufficient for correct identification of the publication, and thus saves a lot of space in reference lists.

Posted on 20/10/2009 15:03 by Eelco Visser.

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