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Auto Tagging

Today release 35 of researchr was deployed. The release includes fixes for a number of bugs that you reported. In particular, feedback on bibtex upload has been improved; only one bibtex record can be uploaded at a time, and you are redirected to the edit page for the publication after submit. Numerous other smaller improvements were made. Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming. Note that issues can now also be reported through the YellowGrass issue tracker.

A new feature in this release is the site-wide tag cloud that shows the 1000 largest tags.

Another new feature is auto tagging which allows you to automatically tag all publications that match a tag keyword or phrase. Auto tagging is a feature for wealthy researchrs, since it requires a high amount of credits (currently 1000, but this may be lowered after initial testing), and instead of earning credits it costs credits (currently 25) to turn on auto tagging for a tag. Auto tagging also requires that the tag has already been applied to more than five publications. The motivation for this policy is that auto tagging should only be used for well chosen phrases. The hypothesis is that users with more credit will have a good sense for choosing good auto tags. Initial experience on the test version suggests that payback is high; quickly build up an overview of research field by inspecting the cross-sections of a number of well-chosen tags. To use the feature, earn credits by adding tags, publications, abstracts, etc.

Posted on 21/03/2010 16:51 by Eelco Visser.

Faceted Views of Publication Lists

Previously researchr supported ‘tag cloud’ views for bibliographies providing a quick overview of the important and less important topics in a set of publications collected in a bibliography. Similarly, an ‘author cloud’ gives an overview of the authors of a bibliograpy, emphasizing authors with many papers.

Now clouds are not just provided for tags and authors, but also for year, publication type, and publication venue.

Furthermore, cloud views are provided for all ‘publication lists’ in researchr: author profile, alias page (publications authored by author with same name), bibliography, tag, and also for the publications of the editions of a conference. The latter provides a nice overview of the community and topics of a conference series.

Posted on 27/02/2010 22:56 by Eelco Visser.


Researchr search has been vastly improved and is now case insensitive. Boolean search operators are supported as well. The interface specializes to the category you are searching in such that a refined search by default will search for the same category.

Posted on 14/02/2010 12:18 by Eelco Visser.


Researchr now supports sending of messages to users and user groups. You find a link to your inbox in the application menu bar (which should indicate if you have any messages). Messages can be sent to multiple individuals and/or groups. For individuals use their ‘profilename’ (the name that is used in the URL of the profile, and listed in the sidebar). User profiles and group pages also have a button that you can use to send a message.

Group messages can be used to discuss work on the bibliographies of the group, or to send announcements about activities of the group. For example, you can create a group for a conference you are organizing and invite all authors that are active in your field of interest. Group moderators can regulate who can send messages to the group members (any users, members of the group, or just moderators) using the ‘Settings’ tab of the group page.

To provide feedback about the system, you can now send a message to the Support Group, as is indicated on the Feedback page.

Posted on 13/01/2010 22:00 by Eelco Visser.

Server-side Includes of Profile Publications List

Researchr now supports including the list of publications in your profile on your own website. To download a html page with just the list of publications use the following URL<profilename>/publications


To restrict the list to publications with a particular tag, use the following URL:<profilename>/publications/<tag>


Let us know if there is interest in other forms of include widgets.

Posted on 13/01/2010 21:46 by Eelco Visser.

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