ESSoS 2018: ESSoS 2018

June 26, 2018-June 27, 2018 in Campus Paris-Saclay, France

About the Conference

Software-based systems permeate the very fabric of our society – from enterprise IT systems and mobile devices to smart home and city environments. Consequently, computer security is becoming an increasingly inter-disciplinary subject requiring attention to the various aspects of securing our software-based infrastructure. One must pay careful attention to ensure compatibility with existing software and the wider socio-technical context (e.g., users and organisations) which it inhabits. This, in turn, requires an approach that integrates insights from computer security research with rigorous software engineering methods to ensure the security and resilience of our digital infrastructure. ESSoS therefore welcomes contributions that are at the border of system security and software engineering.

Conference Dates

Submissions: March 9, 2018
Notification: April 27, 2018
Event: June 26, 2018-June 27, 2018