MASE 2024: 5th Workshop on Modeling in Automotive System and Software Engineering 2024

September 22, 2024-September 23, 2024 in Linz, Austria

About the Conference

                      Linz, Austria
                 September 22 or 23, 2024
                Co-located with MODELS'24

BACKGROUND AND MOTIVATION Automotive software was born less than 40 years ago. Within just 40 years, the significance, size, and development costs of automotive software has grown to staggering levels. The automotive industry is increasingly relying on and becoming a driver of advances in system and software development and engineering methods, techniques and tools to deal with the many unique challenges the automotive industry faces. Significant advances have been made dealing with many of these challenges involving, for instance, variability modeling and software product lines, standardisation, model-based development, cyber-physical systems, and systems engineering. However, the remaining challenges are compounded by future trends. System and software complexities continue to grow and the industry is being forced to incorporate disruptive technology such as electrification, machine learning, autonomous vehicles and, in the near future, support for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications and collaborations.

OBJECTIVES A central objective of the workshop is to provide a forum for practitioners and researchers from industry and academia in which novel, innovative, model-based solutions to current and future challenges in automotive system and software development can be presented and discussed. Another important objective is the identification of new research problems arising from current trends.

TOPICS OF INTEREST MASE 2024 encourages submissions presenting novel and insightful descriptions of applications of modeling techniques to problems arising in the context of automotive system and software engineering. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Advanced Driver Assist Systems and Autonomous Driving
  • Emerging technologies such as big data, mobile apps, social media, open source software, and vehicle networks
  • Architectures and component-based development and relevant technologies such as AUTOSAR, EAST-ADL, UML, and SysML
  • Real-time systems and support for multi-core, mixed criticality and IP, and dynamic scheduling
  • Quality assurance and support for different quality attributes such as functional and non-functional correctness, interoperability, fault-tolerance, maintainability, and reusability
  • Safety and security and support for safety standards such as ISO 26262
  • Requirements and traceability
  • Variability and configuration management
  • Synthesis, transformation, iterative development, integration, and code generation
  • Development processes and support for globally distributed development

Conference Dates

Submissions: July 5, 2024
Notification: August 7, 2024
Event: September 22, 2024-September 23, 2024