MORSE 2019: 6th Workshop on Model-Driven Robot Software Engineering 2019

September 15, 2019-September 17, 2019 in Munich, Germany

About the Conference

Robots are an indispensable part of modern production facilities. In the future, robots will also become more common in daily life. Currently, however, there is a lack of standardization w. r. t. hardware/software platforms for robots, leading to a vast landscape of isolated, incompatible, task-specific and, thus, non-reusable solutions. Consequently, there is a need for new engineering methodologies for the design, implementation, and execution of software for robotic platforms.

Model-Driven Robot Software Engineering (MORSE) is a promising research field combining Software Engineering and Robotics. Its objectives are to introduce model-driven development methodologies for the development of robot software. At the same time, formal methods should be transferred to robotics because “robot apps” must be certified and verified. MORSE attempts to fill this gap.

Conference Dates

Submissions: July 5, 2019
Notification: July 25, 2019
Event: September 15, 2019-September 17, 2019