PEPM 2010: Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation 2010

January 18, 2010-January 19, 2010 in Madrid, Spain

About the Conference

The PEPM Symposium/Workshop series aims to bring together researchers and practitioners working in the areas of program manipulation, partial evaluation, and program generation. PEPM focuses on techniques, theories, tools, and applications of analysis and manipulation of programs.

The 2010 PEPM workshop will be based on a broad interpretation of semantics-based program manipulation in a continued effort to expand the scope of PEPM significantly beyond the traditionally covered areas of partial evaluation and specialization and include practical applications of program transformations such as refactoring tools, and practical implementation techniques such as rule-based transformation systems. In addition, it covers manipulation and transformations of program and system representations such as structural and semantic models that occur in the context of model-driven development. In order to reach out to practitioners, there is a separate category of tool demonstration papers.

Conference Dates

Submissions: October 6, 2009
Notification: October 29, 2009
Event: January 18, 2010-January 19, 2010