SCONE: Secure Linux Containers with Intel SGX

Sergei Arnautov, Bohdan Trach, Franz Gregor, Thomas Knauth, Andre Martin, Christian Priebe, Joshua Lind, Divya Muthukumaran, Dan O'Keeffe, Mark L. Stillwell, David Goltzsche, Dave Eyers, Rüdiger Kapitza, Peter Pietzuch, Christof Fetzer. SCONE: Secure Linux Containers with Intel SGX. In Kimberly Keeton, Timothy Roscoe, editors, 12th USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation, OSDI 2016, Savannah, GA, USA, November 2-4, 2016. pages 689-703, USENIX Association, 2016. [doi]

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