Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 1, Issue 4

345 -- 360E. Lowen-Colebunders, G. Sonck. Exponential objects and Cartesian closedness in the construct::::Prtop::::
361 -- 384R. Beattie, H.-P. Butzmann. Convergence ::::LF:::: spaces
385 -- 421A. Carboni, G. M. Kelly, Maria-Cristina Pedicchio. Some remarks on Maltsev and Goursat categories
423 -- 440Hans-E. Porst. The algebraic theory of order

Volume 1, Issue 3

247 -- 284Richard Steiner. The algebra of directed complexes
285 -- 295M. Manuel Clementino. Hausdorff separation in categories
297 -- 309D. C. Kent, Nandita Rath. Filter spaces
311 -- 343Ian Mackie, Leopoldo Román, Samson Abramsky. An internal language for autonomous categories

Volume 1, Issue 2

141 -- 179Peter T. Johnstone. Fibrations and partial products in a 2-category
181 -- 190Bernhard Banaschewski, Ales Pultr. Paracompactness revisited
191 -- 195V. Vajner. The category of complete Boolean algebras is not an intersection of reflective subcategories of the category of frames
197 -- 232Abbas Edalat, Michael B. Smyth. Information categories
233 -- 245A. Monadi, Louis D. Nel. Holomorphy in convergence spaces

Volume 1, Issue 1

0 -- 0R. Lowen. Editorial
1 -- 19Horst Herrlich, Miroslav Husek. Some open categorical problems in Top
21 -- 50Hartmut Ehrig, Michael Löwe. Categorical principles, techniques and results for high-level-replacement systems in computer science
51 -- 57L. D. Nel. Differential calculus founded on an isomorphism
59 -- 83Reinhard Börger, Walter Tholen, Anna Tozzi. Lexicographic sums and fibre-faithful maps
85 -- 94G. M. Kelly, Stephen Lack. Finite-product-preserving functors, Kan extensions, and strongly-finitary 2-monads
95 -- 102G. M. Kelly, Stephen Lack, Robert F. C. Walters. Coinverters and categories of fractions for categories with structure
103 -- 110George Janelidze, Dietmar Schumacher, Ross Street. Galois theory in variable categories
111 -- 132Horst Herrlich. Compact::::T::::::0::-spaces and::::T::::::0::-compactifications