Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 11, Issue 6

487 -- 506Z. Arvasi, U. Ege. Annihilators, Multipliers and Crossed Modules
507 -- 520A. Barkhudaryan. Endofunctors of Set Determined by Their Object Map
521 -- 541Jirí Adámek, Stefan Milius, Jiri Velebil. Some Remarks on Finitary and Iterative Monads
543 -- 560David Kruml, Joan Wick Pelletier, Pedro Resende, Jirí Rosický. On Quantales and Spectra of C:::*:::-Algebras
561 -- 566David Kruml. Distributive Quantales

Volume 11, Issue 5

403 -- 419R. J. Mac Dawson, R. Paré, D. A. Pronk. Undecidability of the Free Adjoint Construction
421 -- 445Matías Menni. About N-quantifiers
447 -- 471Robert Cacioppo. Recognition in a Distributed System
473 -- 486G. Castellini, David B. Holgate. A Link Between Two Connectedness Notions

Volume 11, Issue 4

313 -- 336G. M. Germano, S. Mazzanti. Cantor Diagrams: A Unifying Discussion of Self-Reference
337 -- 357Julien Bichon, Ross Street. Militaru s ::::D::::-Equation in Monoidal Categories
359 -- 376A. Smet, A. Verschoren. Mayer-Vietoris Sequences for Krull Domains
377 -- 390Francesca Cagliari, Sandra Mantovani. Injective Hulls of T::0:: Topological Fibre Spaces
391 -- 402Jimmie D. Lawson, Luoshan Xu. Maximal Classes of Topological Spaces and Domains Determined by Function Spaces

Volume 11, Issue 3

219 -- 227Ross Street. Functorial Calculus in Monoidal Bicategories
229 -- 260Brian Day, Paddy McCrudden, Ross Street. Dualizations and Antipodes
261 -- 265Günther Richter. A Characterization of Exponentiable Maps in ::::PrTop::::
267 -- 286Maria Manuel Clementino, Dirk Hofmann. Topological Features of Lax Algebras
287 -- 312Stefan Milius. On Colimits in Categories of Relations

Volume 11, Issue 2

117 -- 124Martín Hötzel Escardó. Joins in the Frame of Nuclei
125 -- 133Nizar Marcus. ::::E::::-Compactness in Pointfree Topology
135 -- 146M. Vojdani Tabatabaee, M. Mehdi Ebrahimi. Metric and Complete Metric sigma-Frames
147 -- 155Nick D. Gilbert. Flows on Regular Semigroups
157 -- 169Talal Ali Al-Hawary, D. George McRae. Toward an Elementary Axiomatic Theory of the Category of LP-Matroids
171 -- 184A. R. Grandjeán, M. P. López. ::::H::::::2:::::::::q:::::::(::::T::::, ::::G::::, delta) and ::::q::::-perfect Crossed Modules
185 -- 206Ronald Brown, Ilhan Içen. Homotopies and Automorphisms of Crossed Modules of Groupoids
207 -- 218Elias Gabriel Minian. Loop and Suspension Functors for Small Categories and Stable Homotopy Groups

Volume 11, Issue 1

1 -- 2. Introduction
3 -- 25Ralph Kummetz. Function Spaces of Posets with Projections
27 -- 40Keye Martin. A Triangle Inequality for Measurement
41 -- 67Pawel Waszkiewicz. Quantitative Continuous Domains
69 -- 94Gordon D. Plotkin, John Power. Algebraic Operations and Generic Effects
95 -- 116Michael B. Smyth, Rueiher Tsaur. AFPP vs FPP