Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 18, Issue 6

573 -- 583Christopher F. Townsend. A Representation Theorem for Geometric Morphisms
615 -- 652Roberto Martínez-Villa, Øyvind Solberg. Graded and Koszul Categories
653 -- 668Luis Español, José Manuel García-Calcines, M. Carmen Mínguez. On Proper and Exterior Sequentiality

Volume 18, Issue 5

461 -- 471Mojgan Mahmoudi, L. Shahbaz. Sequentially Dense Essential Monomorphisms of Acts Over Semigroups
473 -- 504Murat Alp, Christopher D. Wensley. Automorphisms and Homotopies of Groupoids and Crossed Modules
505 -- 516Tibor Beke. Fibrations of Simplicial Sets
517 -- 521Serge Bouc. Bisets as Categories and Tensor Product of Induced Bimodules
523 -- 572Toby Kenney. The General Theory of Diads

Volume 18, Issue 4

343 -- 375Mónica García-Pinillos, Luis Javier Hernández-Paricio, María Teresa Rivas Rodríguez. Exact Sequences and Closed Model Categories
377 -- 406A. Davydov. Quasi-Commutative Algebras
431 -- 459Ling Liu, Shuanhong Wang. Constructing New Braided ::::T::::-Categories over Weak Hopf Algebras

Volume 18, Issue 3

231 -- 258J. N. Alonso Álvarez, J. M. Fernández Vilaboa, R. González Rodríguez, A. B. Rodríguez Raposo. Crossed Products in Weak Contexts
259 -- 287Dirk Hofmann, Walter Tholen. Lawvere Completion and Separation Via Closure
289 -- 307Stephen Lack. Icons
309 -- 342N. Martins-Ferreira. The (Tetra) Category of Pseudocategories in an Additive 2-category with Kernels

Volume 18, Issue 2

115 -- 121Eduardo J. Dubuc. 2-Filteredness and The Point of Every Galois Topos
123 -- 133J. M. Egger, David Kruml. Girard Couples of Quantales
135 -- 163Jonathon Funk, Benjamin Steinberg. The Universal Covering of an Inverse Semigroup
165 -- 183Anders Kock. Cubical Version of Combinatorial Differential Forms
185 -- 197Matías Menni. Läuchli s Completeness Theorem from a Topos-Theoretic Perspective
199 -- 217Pedro Resende, Elias Rodrigues. Sheaves as Modules
219 -- 230João J. Xarez. Well-behaved Epireflections for Kan Extensions

Volume 18, Issue 1

1 -- 15I. Gálvez, V. Gorbounov, A. Tonks. Homotopy Gerstenhaber Structures and Vertex Algebras
17 -- 29Stephen Lack. Note on the Construction of Free Monoids
31 -- 53Helmut Röhrl. ::::gamma::::-Frames, GGamma-Algebras and Measurable Spaces
55 -- 72Themba Dube. Notes on Pointfree Disconnectivity with a Ring-theoretic Slant
73 -- 83H. Barzegar, M. Mehdi Ebrahimi, Mojgan Mahmoudi. Essentiality and Injectivity
85 -- 114José Manuel Casas, T. Datuashvili, Manuel Ladra. Universal Strict General Actors and Actors in Categories of Interest