Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 19, Issue 6

859 -- 863Leonard Daus. Relative Regular Modules. Applications to von Neumann Regular Rings
865 -- 877Leovigildo Alonso Tarrío, Ana Jeremías López, Marta Pérez Rodríguez, María J. Vale Gonsalves. On the Existence of a Compact Generator on the Derived Category of a Noetherian Formal Scheme
879 -- 899Hiroyuki Nakaoka. General Heart Construction on a Triangulated Category (I): Unifying t-Structures and Cluster Tilting Subcategories
901 -- 938Marc Olschok. Left Determined Model Structures for Locally Presentable Categories
939 -- 957Václav Koubek, Jirí Sichler, Vera Trnková. Universality of Categories of Coalgebras
959 -- 967Piotr Niemiec. Functor of Extension of Contractions on Urysohn Universal Spaces

Volume 19, Issue 5

757 -- 782Olaf M. Schnürer. Perfect Derived Categories of Positively Graded DG Algebras
783 -- 802Razvan Diaconescu. Grothendieck Inclusion Systems
803 -- 820Florin Panaite, Freddy Van Oystaeyen. Quasi-elementary H-Azumaya Algebras Arising from Generalized (Anti) Yetter-Drinfeld Modules
821 -- 858Tomasz Brzezinski, Adrian Vazquez Marquez, Joost Vercruysse. The Eilenberg-Moore Category and a Beck-type Theorem for a Morita Context

Volume 19, Issue 4

709 -- 727Oleh R. Nykyforchyn, Dusan Repovs. Idempotent Convexity and Algebras for the Capacity Monad and its Submonads
729 -- 739Taras Radul. Convexities Generated by ::::L::::-Monads
741 -- 756S. Sh. Mousavi, S. N. Hosseini. Quasi Right Factorization Structures as Presheaves

Volume 19, Issue 3

557 -- 596Pedro Nicolás, Manuel Saorín. Lifting and Restricting Recollement Data
597 -- 632Gabriella Böhm, Claudia Menini. Pre-torsors and Galois Comodules Over Mixed Distributive Laws
633 -- 649Antonio R. Garzón, A. del Río. On Algebraic K-theory Categorical Groups
651 -- 658Alberto Canonaco, Matthias Künzer. A Sufficient Criterion for Homotopy Cartesianess

Volume 19, Issue 2

439 -- 454Miroslav Husek, Antonio Pulgarín. ::::C::::(::::X::::)-objects in the Category of Semi-affine Lattices
455 -- 468Horst Herrlich. The Finite and the Infinite
469 -- 487Maria João Ferreira, Javier Gutiérrez García, Jorge Picado. Insertion of Continuous Real Functions on Spaces, Bispaces, Ordered Spaces and Pointfree Spaces - A Common Root
489 -- 504Jorge Martínez. Epicompletion in Frames with Skeletal Maps, III: When Maps are Closed
505 -- 510Wei He, Maokang Luo. A Note on Proper Maps of Locales
511 -- 521Themba Dube, Martin M. Mugochi. Thoughts on Quotient-fine Nearness Frames
523 -- 537Josef Slapal. Compactification with Respect to a Generalized-net Convergence on Constructs
539 -- 555R. Lowen, P. Wuyts. Stable Subconstructs: A Correction and New Results

Volume 19, Issue 1

1 -- 7George Janelidze, Martin Hyland, Michael Johnson, Peter T. Johnstone, Stephen Lack, Ross Street, Walter Tholen, Richard J. Wood. Foreword - Special Issue Dedicated to the Memory of Professor Gregory Maxwell Kelly
9 -- 38Michel Hébert. Weak Reflections and Weak Factorization Systems
39 -- 60Keith A. Hardie, Klaus Heiner Kamps, Peter J. Witbooi. A Coherent Homotopy Category of 2-track Commutative Cubes
61 -- 92Christopher F. Townsend. The Patch Construction is Dual to Algebraic DCPO Representation
93 -- 135Michael Batanin, Mark Weber. Algebras of Higher Operads as Enriched Categories
233 -- 255Zurab Janelidze, Aldo Ursini. Split Short Five Lemma for Clots and Subtractive Categories
257 -- 270Tamar Janelidze. Incomplete Relative Semi-Abelian Categories
271 -- 276George Janelidze, Manuela Sobral. Descent for Regular Epimorphisms in Barr Exact Goursat Categories
277 -- 292Stefano Kasangian, Anna Labella, Andrea Montoli. Generalising Conduché s Theorem
293 -- 299John Power. Unicity of Enrichment over Cat or Gpd
301 -- 319Gareth Boxall, David B. Holgate. Connected and Disconnected Maps
321 -- 361Ignacio López Franco, Ross Street, Richard J. Wood. Duals Invert
363 -- 391Stephen Lack, Jirí Rosický. Notions of Lawvere Theory
425 -- 437Luisa de Francesco Albasini, Nicoletta Sabadini, Robert F. C. Walters. The Compositional Construction of Markov Processes