Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 22, Issue 5-6

685 -- 686Maria Manuel Clementino, Marino Gran, Manuela Sobral, Ross Street, Walter Tholen. Foreword
687 -- 697Nelson Martins-Ferreira, Andrea Montoli, Manuela Sobral. Semidirect Products and Split Short Five Lemma in Normal Categories
699 -- 714Richard N. Ball, Jorge Picado, Ales Pultr. Notes on Exact Meets and Joins
715 -- 726Bachuki Mesablishvili. Descent in Locally Presentable Categories
727 -- 739Themba Dube, Inderasan Naidoo, C. N. Ncube. Isocompactness in the Category of Locales
741 -- 753John Frith, Anneliese Schauerte. A Method for Constructing Coreflections for Nearness Frames
755 -- 766Zurab Janelidze. On the Form of Subobjects in Semi-Abelian and Regular Protomodular Categories - Dedicated to my father George Janelidze on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday
767 -- 788Maria Manuel Clementino, Dirk Hofmann, Andrea Montoli. Covering Morphisms in Categories of Relational Algebras
789 -- 803Stephen Lack, Ross Street. A Skew-Duoidal Eckmann-Hilton Argument and Quantum Categories
805 -- 816Marino Gran, Diana Rodelo. The Cuboid Lemma and Mal'tsev Categories - Dedicated to George Janelidze on the occasion of his 60th birthday
817 -- 831Valérian Even. A Galois-Theoretic Approach to the Covering Theory of Quandles
833 -- 856Dominique Bourn. Two Ways to Centralizers of Equivalence Relations
857 -- 872Tamar Janelidze-Gray. Composites of Central Extensions Form a Relative Semi-Abelian Category
873 -- 898René Guitart. Contractible Exact Squares
899 -- 906Nelson Martins-Ferreira, Tim Van der Linden. A Decomposition Formula for the Weighted Commutator
907 -- 929Walter Tholen. Nullstellen and Subdirect Representation
931 -- 960Alan S. Cigoli, Sandra Mantovani, Giuseppe Metere. A Push Forward Construction and the Comprehensive Factorization for Internal Crossed Modules
961 -- 979Tomas Everaert. Higher Central Extensions in Mal'tsev Categories
981 -- 1007James Richard Andrew Gray. Normalizers, Centralizers and Action Representability in Semi-Abelian Categories
1009 -- 1020Diana Rodelo, Tim Van der Linden. Approximate Hagemann-Mitschke Co-operations

Volume 22, Issue 4

579 -- 593Chrysostomos Psaroudakis, Jorge Vitória. Recollements of Module Categories
595 -- 646Roberto Martínez-Villa, Martin Ortiz-Morales. Tilting Theory and Functor Categories I. Classical Tilting
647 -- 662Jared Culbertson, Kirk Sturtz. A Categorical Foundation for Bayesian Probability
663 -- 681Themba Dube, Oghenetega Ighedo. Two Functors Induced by Certain Ideals of Function Rings
683 -- 0Richard Garner. Retraction Note to: Understanding the Small Object Argument

Volume 22, Issue 3

457 -- 466Mohamed Barakat, Markus Lange-Hegermann. Characterizing Serre Quotients with no Section Functor and Applications to Coherent Sheaves
467 -- 499Zoran Petric, Todd Trimble. Symmetric Bimonoidal Intermuting Categories and ω × ω Reduced Bar Constructions
501 -- 514S. N. Hosseini, S. Sh. Mousavi. Quasi Left Factorization Structures as Presheaves
515 -- 549Jean Goubault-Larrecq. Exponentiable Streams and Prestreams
551 -- 563Eva Colebunders, Frédéric Mynard, William Trott. Function Spaces and Contractive Extensions in Approach Theory: The Role of Regularity
565 -- 577Mark Sioen, Tom Vroegrijk. Cartesian Closedness, Extensionality and Bornological Universes

Volume 22, Issue 2

305 -- 310James Richard Andrew Gray. A Note on the Distributivity of the Huq Commutator Over Finite Joins
311 -- 330Stephen Lack. Morita Contexts as Lax Functors
331 -- 417J. Robin B. Cockett, Geoff S. H. Cruttwell. Differential Structure, Tangent Structure, and SDG
419 -- 455David N. Pham. A Categorical Approach to Groupoid Frobenius Algebras

Volume 22, Issue 1

1 -- 11Alexandru Emil Stanculescu. A Model Category Structure on the Category of Simplicial Multicategories
13 -- 28John Bourke. A Colimit Decomposition for Homotopy Algebras in Cat
29 -- 42A. L. Agore, Stefaan Caenepeel, G. Militaru. Braidings on the Category of Bimodules, Azumaya Algebras and Epimorphisms of Rings
43 -- 78Guram Bezhanishvili, John Harding. Proximity Frames and Regularization
79 -- 97Igor Kríz, Ales Pultr. Categorical Geometry and Integration Without Points
99 -- 118Olivia Caramello. A General Method for Building Reflections
119 -- 136E. Colebunders, Stefan De Wachter, M. Schellekens. Complexity Analysis via Approach Spaces
137 -- 146Valdis Laan. On Morita Equivalence of Partially Ordered Monoids
147 -- 167Alberto Facchini, Marco Perone. On Some Noteworthy Pairs of Ideals in Mod-R
169 -- 210Ivo Dell'Ambrogio, Greg Stevenson. Even More Spectra: Tensor Triangular Comparison Maps via Graded Commutative 2-rings
211 -- 227Pawel Sosna. Scalar Extensions of Triangulated Categories
229 -- 240Sonia Natale, Julia Yael Plavnik. Solvability of a Class of Braided Fusion Categories
241 -- 252Dali Zangurashvili. Effective Codescent Morphisms in Some Varieties of Universal Algebras
253 -- 268José Manuel Casas, Tim Van der Linden. Universal Central Extensions in Semi-Abelian Categories
269 -- 288David Baraglia. A Coboundary Morphism for the Grothendieck Spectral Sequence
289 -- 304Daniel Arias, Manuel Ladra. Baer Invariants and Cohomology of Precrossed Modules