Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 23, Issue 6

753 -- 776Dominique Bourn, James Richard Andrew Gray. Normalizers and Split Extensions
777 -- 818Eric Goubault, Samuel Mimram, Christine Tasson. Iterated Chromatic Subdivisions are Collapsible
819 -- 828Wei Ren, Zhongkui Liu. Balance of Tate cohomology in triangulated categories
829 -- 858D. Chikhladze, Maria Manuel Clementino, Dirk Hofmann. Representable (T,V)-categories

Volume 23, Issue 5

643 -- 663Sergey A. Solovyov. Many for the Price of One Duality Principle for Affine Sets
665 -- 672Xiaoyong Xi, Yongming Li. Exponentials in a Cartesian Closed Category Which Contains all Algebraic Domains
673 -- 707P. Carrasco. Nerves of Trigroupoids as Duskin-Glenn's 3-Hypergroupoids
709 -- 723Ricardo E. Carrera, Anthony W. Hager. B-saturated Hull Classes in ℓ-groups and Covering Classes of Spaces
725 -- 740Richard Blute, Marc Comeau. Von Neumann Categories
741 -- 751Nelson Martins-Ferreira. New Wide Classes of Weakly Mal'tsev Categories

Volume 23, Issue 4

527 -- 541Nelson Martins-Ferreira, Tim Van der Linden. Further Remarks on the "Smith is Huq" Condition
543 -- 573Philip Hackney, Marcy Robertson. On the Category of Props
575 -- 589Javier J. Gutiérrez. On Solid and Rigid Monoids in Monoidal Categories
591 -- 608A. Bruguières, Sebastian Burciu. On Normal Tensor Functors and Coset Decompositions for Fusion Categories
609 -- 641Jirí Adámek, Paul Blain Levy, Stefan Milius, Lawrence S. Moss, Lurdes Sousa. On Final Coalgebras of Power-Set Functors and Saturated Trees - To George Janelidze on the Occasion of His Sixtieth Birthday

Volume 23, Issue 3

215 -- 262Stanislaw Szawiel, Marek W. Zawadowski. Monads of Regular Theories
263 -- 277Sergey A. Solovyov. On a Lax-Algebraic Characterization of Closed Maps
279 -- 309Alexei Davydov, Ingo Runkel. An Alternative Description of Braided Monoidal Categories
311 -- 322Gabriele Castellini. Interior Operators, Open Morphisms and the Preservation Property
323 -- 335Jorge Picado, Ales Pultr. More on Subfitness and Fitness
337 -- 363Václav Koubek, Vera Trnková. Set Functors and Filters
365 -- 379Guram Bezhanishvili, Nick Bezhanishvili, John Harding. Modal Operators on Compact Regular Frames and de Vries Algebras
381 -- 413Alexandru Chirvasitu. Categorical Aspects of Compact Quantum Groups
415 -- 428Osman Mucuk, Tunçar Sahan, Nazmiye Alemdar. Normality and Quotients in Crossed Modules and Group-groupoids
429 -- 446James Richard Andrew Gray, N. Martins-Ferreira. On Algebraic and More General Categories Whose Split Epimorphisms Have Underlying Product Projections
447 -- 486Uwe Wolter, Harald König. Fibred Amalgamation, Descent Data, and Van Kampen Squares in Topoi
487 -- 505David Barnes, Constanze Roitzheim. Homological Localisation of Model Categories
507 -- 526Alex Dugas. Torsion Pairs and Simple-Minded Systems in Triangulated Categories

Volume 23, Issue 2

107 -- 136Katsuhiko Kuribayashi, Kentaro Matsuo. Association Schemoids and Their Categories
137 -- 157Dirk Hofmann, Frédéric Mynard, Gavin J. Seal. Exponential Kleisli Monoids as Eilenberg-Moore Algebras
159 -- 175J. Rosický. Rigidification of Algebras Over Essentially Algebraic Theories
177 -- 214Sanjeevi Krishnan. Cubical Approximation for Directed Topology I

Volume 23, Issue 1

1 -- 28Robert Paré. Morphisms of Colimits: from Paths to Profunctors
29 -- 41Fabio Pasquali. A Co-free Construction for Elementary Doctrines
43 -- 52Maria Emilia Maietti, Giuseppe Rosolini. Unifying Exact Completions
53 -- 61D. Maglia, Nicoletta Sabadini, Robert F. C. Walters. Blocked-Braid Groups
63 -- 86Marek W. Zawadowski. Generalized Płonka Sums and Products
87 -- 91Nan Gao. A Smashing Subcategory of the Homotopy Category of Gorenstein Projective Modules
93 -- 105Alessandro Ardizzoni, José Gómez-Torrecillas, Claudia Menini. Monadic Decompositions and Classical Lie Theory