Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 5, Issue 4

309 -- 319Günther Richter. More on Exponential Objects in Categories of Pretopological Spaces
321 -- 337Roberto Martínez-Villa. Contravariantly Finite Subcategories and Torsion Theories
339 -- 362Fangjun H. Arroyo. Coherent Homotopical Algebras: "Special Gamma-Categories"
363 -- 413Marco Grandis. Categorically Algebraic Foundations for Homotopical Algebra

Volume 5, Issue 3

205 -- 216K. C. Min, L. D. Nel. Newton's Method and Frobenius-Dieudonné Theorem in Nonnormable Spaces
217 -- 228Ralf Kemper. Epimorphisms of Separated Superconvex Spaces
229 -- 248George Janelidze, Walter Tholen. Facets of Descent, II
249 -- 264J. Wick Pelletier. Von Neumann Algebras and Hilbert Quantales
265 -- 308Martin Große-Rhode. Transition Specifications for Dynamic Abstract Data Types

Volume 5, Issue 2

99 -- 110Paul Brock, D. C. Kent. Approach Spaces, Limit Tower Spaces, and Probabilistic Convergence Spaces
111 -- 122Juraj Cincura. Tensor Products in Categories of Topological Spaces
123 -- 129Frank M. Branner, Edgar E. Enochs. Homology with Models and Tor
131 -- 142R. W. Kieboom. Stable Homotopy Monomorphisms
143 -- 154C. T. Nguyen. Multi-E-Reflective and Bireflective Subcategories of Partial Algebras
155 -- 204Yu. N. Bespalov. Crossed Modules and Quantum Groups in Braided Categories

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 58A. Carboni, George Janelidze, G. M. Kelly, R. Paré. On Localization and Stabilization for Factorization Systems
59 -- 73Matthias Gerner, René Guitart. The Locally Free Relatively Filtered Diagram as an Inductive Completion of a System of Choice
75 -- 97Marco Grandis. Simplicial Homotopical Algebra and Satellites