Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 6, Issue 4

403 -- 426Martin Große-Rhode. First Steps Towards an Institution of Algebra Replacement Systems
427 -- 453Razvan Diaconescu. Extra Theory Morphisms for Institutions: Logical Semantics for Multi-Paradigm Languages
455 -- 471Z. Arvasi, T. Porter. Freeness Conditions for 2-Crossed Modules of Commutative Algebras
473 -- 488Michel Hébert. On Generation and Implicit Partial Operations in Locally Presentable Categories
489 -- 493Josef Niederle. Left Adjoint for Booleanization
495 -- 513Horst Herrlich, Dexue Zhang. Categorical Properties of Probabilistic Convergence Spaces
515 -- 525Josef Slapal. Compactness in Categories of ::::S::::-Net Spaces
527 -- 530Juraj Cincura. Coreflections Versus Regular Epimorphisms in Categories of Topological Spaces

Volume 6, Issue 3

291 -- 332Václav Koubek, Jirí Sichler. On Full and Faithful Kan Extensions
333 -- 344Ralf Kemper. Positively Convex Spaces
345 -- 354Ralf Kemper. Injective and Epi-Projective Objects in Categories of Convex Spaces
355 -- 371Graham Ellis. The Schur Multiplier of a Pair of Groups
373 -- 401Maria Manuel Clementino, Walter Tholen. Separated and Connected Maps

Volume 6, Issue 2

137 -- 138Alain Verschoren. Introduction
151 -- 175Bodo Pareigis. On Lie Algebras in the Category of Yetter - Drinfeld Modules
177 -- 191Ross Street. Fusion Operators and Cocycloids in Monoidal Categories
193 -- 222Peter Schauenburg. Bialgebras Over Noncommutative Rings and a Structure Theorem for Hopf Bimodules
223 -- 237M. Beattie, S. Dascalescu, S. Raianu, Freddy Van Oystaeyen. The Categories of Yetter - Drinfel d Modules, Doi - Hopf Modules and Two-sided Two-cosided Hopf Modules
239 -- 265J. N. Alonso Álvarez, J. M. Fernández Vilaboa, E. Villanueva Novoa. Yetter - Drinfel d ::::H::::-Azumaya Monoids in Closed Categories

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 35Hartmut Ehrig, Martin Große-Rhode, Uwe Wolter. Applications of Category Theory to the Area of Algebraic Specification in Computer Science
37 -- 62Olaf Berndt. A Categorical Definition of Semidirect Products
63 -- 86William H. Rowan. The Category of Directed Systems in a Category
87 -- 103Claude-Alain Faure, Alfred Frölicher. Categorical Aspects in Projective Geometry
105 -- 116Francis Borceux, Françoise Grandjean. Descent Theory and Morita Theory for Ultrametric Banach Modules
117 -- 125Paul Brock, Darrell Kent. On Convergence Approach Spaces
127 -- 135S. J. Lee, L. D. Nel. Foundational Isomorphisms in Continuous Differentiation Theory