Journal: Applied Categorical Structures

Volume 7, Issue 4

299 -- 331Andrea Corradini, Fabio Gadducci. An Algebraic Presentation of Term Graphs, via GS-Monoidal Categories
333 -- 370Ugo Montanari, Francesca Rossi. Graph Rewriting, Constraint Solving and Tiles for Coordinating Distributed Systems
371 -- 403Julia Padberg. Categorical Approach to Horizontal Structuring and Refinement of High-Level Replacement Systems
405 -- 430Leila Ribeiro. Parallel Composition of Graph Grammars
431 -- 462Gabriele Taentzer. Distributed Graphs and Graph Transformation

Volume 7, Issue 3

227 -- 260Marco Grandis, John MacDonald. Homotopy Structures for Algebras over a Monad
261 -- 270J. Frith, Worthen Hunsaker. Completion of Quasi-Uniform Frames
271 -- 277Joanne Walters-Wayland. A Shirota Theorem for Frames
279 -- 295Ralf Kemper. p-Banach Spaces and p-Totally Convex Spaces

Volume 7, Issue 1-2

3 -- 30Ulrich Berger. Density Theorems for the Domains-with-Totality Semantics of Dependent Types
31 -- 70Marcel Erné. Z-Continuous Posets and Their Topological Manifestation
71 -- 83Reinhold Heckmann. Approximation of Metric Spaces by Partial Metric Spaces
85 -- 111Michael Huth. On the Approximation of Denotational Mu-Semantics
113 -- 128Mathias Kegelmann. Factorisation Systems on Domains
129 -- 145Jürgen Koslowski. A Convenient Category for Games and Interaction
147 -- 157Michael Marz. An Algebraic View on Recursive Types
159 -- 183Bernhard Reus. Extensional Sigma-Spaces in Type Theory
185 -- 207Thomas Streicher. Inductive Construction of Repletion
209 -- 226Jiri Velebil. Categorical Generalization of a Universal Domain