Journal: Advances in Complex Systems

Volume 10, Issue supp02

215 -- 221Bruno Giorgini, Armando Bazzani, Sandro Rambaldi. Editorial
223 -- 232Giorgio Parisi. Physics Complexity and Biology
255 -- 270Armando Bazzani, Sandro Rambaldi, Bruno Giorgini, Giorgio Turchetti. Complexcity: Modeling Urban Mobility
271 -- 288Anders Johansson, Dirk Helbing, Pradyumn K. Shukla. Specification of the Social Force Pedestrian Model by Evolutionary Adjustment to Video Tracking Data
289 -- 307Ulrike Beuck, Kai Nagel, Marcel Rieser, David Strippgen, Michael Balmer. Preliminary Results of a Multiagent Traffic Simulation for Berlin
309 -- 325Arnaldo Cecchini, Giuseppe A. Trunfio. Supporting Urban Planning with cage: a Software Environment to Simulate Complex Systems
339 -- 354Ennio Cascetta, Francesca Pagliara, Andrea Papola. Governance of Urban Mobility: Complex Systems and Integrated Policies
355 -- 362Ferdinando Semboloni. From Spatially Explicit to Multiagents Simulation of Urban Dynamic
363 -- 371Francesco Zanlungo. A Collision-Avoiding Mechanism Based on a Theory of Mind
373 -- 377Massimo Pica Ciamarra, Antonio Coniglio. Universality in City Morphology and the Morphology of a City and its Implications for City Evacuation Plans

Volume 10, Issue supp01

1 -- 3Jirí Kroc. Editorial
5 -- 34Alejandro Rodríguez, Alexander Grushin, James A. Reggia. Swarm Intelligence Systems Using Guided Self-Organization for Collective Problem Solving
35 -- 59Ami Hauptman, Moshe Sipper. Emergence of Complex Strategies in the Evolution of Chess Endgame Players
61 -- 84Zhijian Pan, James A. Reggia, Donghong Gao. Properties of Self-Replicating Cellular Automata Systems Discovered Using Genetic Programming
85 -- 110Christian Darabos, Mario Giacobini, Marco Tomassini. Performance and Robustness of Cellular Automata Computation on Irregular Networks
111 -- 143Luis González. Algorithm Comparing Binary String Probabilities in Complex Stochastic Boolean Systems Using Intrinsic Order Graph
145 -- 165David Hiebeler. Transient Dynamics and Quasistationary Equilibria of Continuous-Time Linear Stochastic Cellular Automata Voter Models with Multiscale Neighborhoods
167 -- 190Jose Luis Guisado, Francisco Jiménez-Morales, Francisco Fernández de Vega. Cellular Automata and Cluster Computing: an Application to the Simulation of Laser Dynamics
191 -- 213James Kennedy. The Particle Swarm as Collaborative Sampling of the Search Space

Volume 10, Issue 4

423 -- 448Suqi Ma, Qishao Lu, S. John Hogan. Double Hopf bifurcation for Stuart-Landau System with Nonlinear Delay Feedback and Delay-Dependent Parameters
449 -- 461Xiao-Song Yang, Quan Yuan, Lin Wang. What Connection Topology Prohibit Chaos in Continuous Time Networks?
463 -- 477Xiaoxing Chen. Permanence in a Discrete n-Species Non-Autonomous Lotka-Volterra Competitive Systems with Infinite Delays and Feedback Control
479 -- 494Jianjun Jiao, Lansun Chen. Global attractivity and Permanence of a Stage-Structured pest Management Si Model with Time Delay and Diseased Pests impulsive Transmission
495 -- 503Xia Wang, Xinyu Song. Global Properties of a Model of Immune Effector Responses to viral Infections
505 -- 525Deng-Feng Li, Tao Sun. Fuzzy Linear Programming Approach to Multi-Attribute Decision-Making with Linguistic Variables and Incomplete Information
527 -- 556Hamid Beigy, Mohammad Reza Meybodi. Open Synchronous Cellular Learning Automata
557 -- 580Michael Meyer-Hermann. A concerted Action of B Cell Selection Mechanisms
581 -- 597Bellie Sivakumar, Wesley W. Wallender, William R. Horwath, Jeffrey P. Mitchell. Nonlinear Deterministic Analysis of Air Pollution Dynamics in a Rural and Agricultural Setting

Volume 10, Issue 3

287 -- 299Nadejda B. Loguinova, Yuri Vlasov. Oscillations in Granular Dynamics
301 -- 313Guanxiao Qi, Hongbin Huang, Haijun Wang. Size Instabilities in the Ring and Linear Arrays of Chaotic Systems
315 -- 333Na Fang, Xiaoxing Chen. Global Stability of a Nonlinear Discrete Population Model with Time Delays
335 -- 357Tibor Bosse, Catholijn M. Jonker, Jan Treur. Simulation and Analysis of Adaptive Agents: an Integrative Modeling Approach
359 -- 377Stephan Eidenbenz, Anders A. Hansson, Venkatesh Ramaswamy, Christian M. Reidys. On a New Class of Load Balancing Network Protocols
379 -- 393Samantha Jenkins, Steven R. Kirk. An Investigation of Merging and Collapsing of Software Networks
395 -- 412Ricardo David Valdez-Cepeda, Olivia Delgadillo-Ruiz, Rafael Magallanes-Quintanar, Gerardo Miramontes de León, José Luis García-Hernández, Agustín Enciso-Muñoz, Blanca Mendoza. Scale-Invariance of Normalized Yearly Mean Grain Yield Anomaly Series
413 -- 422Sutapa Chaudhuri. Chaotic Graph Theory Approach for Identification of convective Available Potential Energy (CAPE) Patterns Required for the Genesis of Severe thunderstorms

Volume 10, Issue 2

117 -- 141Jin-Qing Fang, Qiao Bi, Yong Li, Xin-Biao Lu, Qiang Liu. Toward a Harmonious Unifying Hybrid Model for any Evolving Complex Networks
143 -- 154Sen Qin, Guanzhong Dai, Lin Wang, Ming Fan. Scale-Free Evolving Networks with Accelerated Attachment
155 -- 172André Leier, P. Dwight Kuo, Wolfgang Banzhaf. Analysis of Preferential Network Motif Generation in an Artificial Regulatory Network Model Created by Duplication and Divergence
173 -- 196Bing Liu, Fengmei Tao. The Optimal Pulse harvesting Policy on a Single-Species Population Model with Birth Pulses in a polluted Environment
197 -- 216R. Bhattacharyya, B. Mukhopadhyay. Modeling Fluctuations in a Minimal Plankton Model: Role of Spatial Heterogeneity and Stochasticity
217 -- 231Guoping Pang, Lansun Chen. Complexity of an Ivlev s predator-prey Model with Pulse
251 -- 269Jan Lorenz, Diemo Urbig. About the Power to Enforce and Prevent Consensus by Manipulating Communication Rules
271 -- 286Thomas Fent, Patrick Groeber, Frank Schweitzer. Coexistence of Social Norms Based on in- and Out-Group Interactions

Volume 10, Issue 1

1 -- 4Koen Frenken, Gerald Silverberg. Editorial
5 -- 28Marc Barthelemy, Alain Barrat, Alessandro Vespignani. The Role of Geography and Traffic in the Structure of Complex Networks
29 -- 51Stefano Battiston, Joao F. Rodrigues, Hamza Zeytinoglu. The Network of Inter-Regional Direct Investment stocks across Europe
53 -- 71Lee Fleming, Koen Frenken. The Evolution of Inventor Networks in the silicon Valley and Boston Regions
73 -- 92Kerstin Press. Divide and Conquer? The Role of Governance for the Adaptability of Industrial Districts
93 -- 115Bart Verspagen. Mapping Technological Trajectories as Patent citation Networks: a Study on the History of Fuel Cell Research