Journal: Advances in Complex Systems

Volume 13, Issue 6

699 -- 723Frantisek Slanina, Zdenek Konopásek. Eigenvector Localization as a Tool to Study Small Communities in Online Social Networks
725 -- 739Fang Du, Qi Xuan, Tie-Jun Wu. One-to-Many Node Matching between Complex Networks
741 -- 754Marco A. Janssen. The Evolution of Rules in Shedding-Type of Card Games
755 -- 771Ana L. C. Bazzan, Silvio R. Dahmen. Bribe and Punishment: Effects of Signaling, Gossiping, and Bribery in Public Goods Games

Volume 13, Issue 5

607 -- 619Diemo Urbig. Base Rate Neglect for the wealth of Interacting People
621 -- 634André C. R. Martins, Cleber D. Kuba. The Importance of Disagreeing: Contrarians and Extremism in the Coda Model
635 -- 641Jon F. Wilkins, Stefan Thurner. The Jerusalem Game: Cultural Evolution of the Golden Rule
643 -- 657Junhuan Zhang, Jun Wang, Jiguang Shao. Finite-Range Contact Process on the Market Return Intervals Distributions
659 -- 698Vyacheslav I. Yukalov, Didier Sornette. Mathematical Structure of Quantum Decision Theory

Volume 13, Issue 4

453 -- 467Nicholas Mark Gotts, J. Gareth Polhill. Size Matters: Large-Scale Replications of Experiments with FEARLUS
469 -- 482Elio Marchione, Mauricio Salgado, Nigel Gilbert. What did You Say? Emergent Communication in a Multi-Agent Spatial Configuration
483 -- 499Michael D. König, Claudio J. Tessone, Yves Zenou. From Assortative to Dissortative Networks: the Role of Capacity Constraints
501 -- 517Nicholas Geard, Seth Bullock. Competition and the Dynamics of Group affiliation
519 -- 533André C. R. Martins. Modeling Scientific Agents for a Better Science
535 -- 558Eunate Mayor, Giovanni Sartor. Why are Lawyers Nice or nasty? Insights from Agent-Based Modeling
559 -- 578Patrick Roos, Dana S. Nau. Risk Preference and Sequential Choice in Evolutionary Games
579 -- 605Abhijit Sengupta, Stephen E. Glavin. Volatility in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry - a Simulation Based Study

Volume 13, Issue 3

253 -- 280Katalin Anna Lázár. A Formal Language Theoretic Approach to Distributed Computing on Dynamic Networks
281 -- 291Thomas House. Generalized Network Clustering and its Dynamical Implications
293 -- 326Markus Kirkilionis, Luca Sbano. An Averaging Principle for Combined Interaction Graphs - Connectivity and Applications to Genetic Switches
327 -- 338Robin C. Ball, Marina Diakonova, Robert S. Mackay. Quantifying Emergence in Terms of Persistent Mutual Information
339 -- 347S. Brand, Massimo Pica Ciamarra, M. Nicodemi. Complex Flow in Granular Media
349 -- 366Adnan Ali, Stefan Grosskinsky. Pattern Formation through Genetic Drift at Expanding Population Fronts
367 -- 376Antonio Scialdone, Mario Nicodemi. Statistical mechanics Models for X-chromosome inactivation
377 -- 403Martí Sánchez-Fibla, Ulysses Bernardet, Erez Wasserman, Tatiana Pelc, Matti Mintz, Jadin C. Jackson, Carien Lansink, Cyriel Pennartz, Paul F. M. J. Verschure. Allostatic Control for Robot Behavior Regulation: a Comparative Rodent-Robot Study
405 -- 423Sylvie Huet, Guillaume Deffuant. Openness leads to Opinion Stability and Narrowness to volatility
425 -- 437Imre Kondor, István Varga-Haszonits. Instability of Portfolio Optimization under Coherent Risk Measures
439 -- 449Patrick Flandrin. An Empirical Model for Electronic Submissions to Conferences

Volume 13, Issue 2

135 -- 153Marcelo A. Montemurro, Damián H. Zanette. Towards the Quantification of the Semantic Information Encoded in Written Language
155 -- 164Jean Pierre Boon. Complexity, Time and Music
165 -- 197Adrian K. Agogino, Kagan Tumer. A Multiagent Coordination Approach to Robust Consensus Clustering
199 -- 215Olof Görnerup, Martin Nilsson Jacobi. A Method for Finding Aggregated Representations of Linear Dynamical Systems
217 -- 238Grainne Kerr, Dimitri Perrin, Heather J. Ruskin, Martin Crane. Edge-Weighting of Gene Expression Graphs
239 -- 250N. Hakansson, A. Jonsson, J. Lennartsson, T. Lindström, U. Wennergren. Generating Structure Specific Networks

Volume 13, Issue 1

1 -- 2Gaoxi Xiao, Janos Kertész. Editorial: Beyond Small-World and Scale-Free Networks
3 -- 17Chuan Shi, Zhenyu Yan, Yi Wang, Yanan Cai, Bin Wu. A Genetic Algorithm for Detecting Communities in Large-Scale Complex Networks
19 -- 31Tsuyoshi Murata, Tomoyuki Ikeya. A New Modularity for Detecting One-to-Many Correspondence of Communities in Bipartite Networks
33 -- 58Ingo Scholtes, Jean Botev, Markus Esch, Peter Sturm. Epidemic Self-Synchronization in Complex Networks of Kuramoto oscillators
59 -- 81Mikalai Krapivin, Maurizio Marchese, Fabio Casati. Exploring and Understanding citation-Based Scientific Metrics
83 -- 94Darong Lai, Hongtao Lu, Mario Lauria, Diego di Bernardo, Christine Nardini. Mania: a Gene Network Reverse Algorithm for Compounds Mode-of-Action and genes Interactions Inference
95 -- 111Sven Banisch, Tanya Araújo, Jorge Louçã. Opinion Dynamics and Communication Networks
113 -- 134Harri Ehtamo, Simo Heliövaara, Timo Korhonen, Simo Hostikka. Game Theoretic Best-Response Dynamics for Evacuees Exit Selection