Journal: Advances in Complex Systems

Volume 2, Issue 4

313 -- 338Ricard V. Solé, Isaac Salazar-Ciudad, Jordi Garcia-Fernández. Landscapes, Gene Networks and Pattern Formation: On the Cambrian Explosion
339 -- 348G. C. Barker, Anita Mehta. Origins of granular memory in model sandpiles
349 -- 370Guido Fioretti. A Subjective Measure of Complexity
371 -- 394Hugues Juillé, Jordan B. Pollack. Coevolutionary Learning and the Design of Complex Systems
395 -- 422Vladimir Kvasnicka, Jiri Pospichal. Evolutionary study of interethnic cooperation
423 -- 430Elsayed Ahmed, Ahmed Sadek Hegazi. On discrete dynamical systems associated to games
431 -- 0Bereket T. Tesfaldet, Augusto Y. Hermosilla. A Lamarckian Genetic Algorithm Applied to the Travelling Salesman Problem

Volume 2, Issue 3

195 -- 196Eric Bonabeau, Peter F. Stadler. Call for proposals
197 -- 208R. Alexander Bentley, Herbert D. G. Maschner. Subtle nonlinearity in popular album charts
209 -- 220Martin Heusse, Dominique Snyers, Yvon Kermarrec. Adaptive agent driven routing in communication networks: comparison with a classical approach
221 -- 276James Tabony, Laurent Vuillard, Cyril Papaseit. Biological self-organisation and pattern formation by way of microtubule reaction-diffusion processes
277 -- 282Yaneer Bar-Yam. Formalizing the gene centered view of evolution
283 -- 312Stephan Kopp, Christian M. Reidys. Neutral networks: a combinatorial perspective

Volume 2, Issue 2

101 -- 116Bärbel M. R. Stadler. Adaptive platform dynamics in multi-party spatial voting
117 -- 136Nikitas A. Assimakopoulos. Random environmental processes for complex computer systems: a theoretical approach
137 -- 142Naeem Jan, Leo Moseley, Tane S. Ray, Dietrich Stauffer. Is the fossil record indicative of a critical system?
143 -- 172Jean-Louis Dessalles. Coalition factor in the evolution of non-kin altruism
173 -- 194Alexei Vázquez, Oscar Sotolongo-Costa, Francois Brouers. Valanche dynamics and long time relaxation in complex systems

Volume 2, Issue 1

9 -- 10Eric Bonabeau. Editor's Note
11 -- 36Gérard Weisbuch, Gérard Boudjema. Dynamical Aspects in the Adoption of Agri-Environmental Measures
37 -- 64Hiroshi Ishii, Scott E. Page, Niniane Wang. A Day at the Beach: Human Agents Self-Organizing on the Sand Pile
65 -- 100Christoph Flamm, Ivo L. Hofacker, Peter F. Stadler. In Silico The Computational Biology of RNA Secondary Structures