Journal: Advances in Complex Systems

Volume 8, Issue 4

365 -- 381Kurt A. Richardson. Simplifying Boolean Networks
383 -- 397Po-Han Lee, Chien-Hung Huang, Jywe-Fei Fang, Hsiang-Chuan Liu, Ka-Lok Ng. Hierarchical and Topological Study of the protein-protein Interaction Networks
399 -- 417Fengde Chen, Xiaoxing Chen, Jinlin Shi. Dynamic Behavior of a Nonlinear Single Species Diffusive System
419 -- 431Guang-Zhao Zeng, Lan-Sun Chen. Complexity and Asymptotical Behavior of a SIRS Epidemic Model with Proportional impulsive vaccination
433 -- 449Fernando A. Quintana, Pilar Loreto Iglesias, Heleno Bolfarine. Bayesian Identification of Outliers and Change-Points in Measurement Error Models
451 -- 464Klaus Rohde, Dietrich Stauffer. Simulation of Geographical Trends in the Chowdhury Ecosystem Model
465 -- 482Rosangela Helena Loschi, Frederico R. B. Cruz. Bayesian Identification of Multiple Change Points in Poisson Data
483 -- 495Yongzhen Pei, Changguo Li, Lansun Chen, Chunhua Wang. Complex Dynamics of One-prey Multi-predator System with Defensive Ability of prey and impulsive Biological Control on Predators
497 -- 519Anthony Brabazon, Arlindo Silva, Tiago Ferra de Sousa, Michael O Neill, Robin Matthews, Ernesto Costa. Organizational Strategic Adaptation in the Presence of Inertia
521 -- 538Anders Å. Hansson, Henning S. Mortveit, Christian M. Reidys. On Asynchronous Cellular Automata

Volume 8, Issue 2-3

169 -- 192Nils A. Baas, Torbjørn Helvik. Higher Order Cellular Automata
193 -- 208Man Liu, You Zhang, Yuan-Wei Jing, Si-ying Zhang. Design of the State Observer with d-Stability for Uncertain Symmetric circulant Composite Systems
209 -- 215Frank H. Westerhoff. Consumer Behavior and Fluctuations in Economic Activity
229 -- 260Takeshi Okadome. A Formal Theory of Early Cognition Development
261 -- 273Andreas Grönlund, Petter Holme. A Network-Based Threshold Model for the Spreading of fads in Society and Markets
275 -- 283Camille Stephan-Otto Attolini, Peter F. Stadler. Neutral Networks of Interacting RNA Secondary Structures
285 -- 318Dirk Drasdo, Matthias Kruspe. Emergence of Regulatory Networks in Simulated Evolutionary Processes
319 -- 363Dirk Drasdo. Coarse Graining in Simulated Cell Populations

Volume 8, Issue 1

1 -- 5Jean M. Tchuenche. Effects of Selective Advantage of Hbs over HbA in the Transmission Dynamics of Sickle Cell Anaemia
7 -- 14A. Laszkiewicz, Stanislaw Cebrat, Dietrich Stauffer. Scaling Effects in the Penna Ageing Model
33 -- 58Giuseppe Schinaia. Empirical Data and Mathematical Structures in the Epidemic Modeling of Parenteral Hepatitis in Italy
59 -- 63J. Poli Jr., L. H. A. Monteiro. Improving Vehicle Flow with Traffic Lights
65 -- 74Tadeusz Platkowski, Michal Ramsza. Multimarket Minority Game
75 -- 86Sutapa Chaudhuri, Surajit Chattopadhyay. Prediction of Severe thunderstorms with Minimal ::::a priori:::: Information
87 -- 116Dirk Helbing, Martin Schönhof, Hans-Ulrich Stark, Janusz A. Holyst. How Individuals Learn to Take Turns: Emergence of Alternating Cooperation in a Congestion Game and the Prisoner s Dilemma
117 -- 123Michael T. Gastner, Cosma Rohilla Shalizi, Mark E. J. Newman. Maps and Cartograms of the 2004 US Presidential Election Results
125 -- 158Matt Davison, J. S. Shiner. Extended Entropies and Disorder
159 -- 167Hai-Bo Hu, Lin Wang. The Gini Coefficient s Application to General Complex Networks