Journal: Advances in Complex Systems

Volume 9, Issue 4

295 -- 298Peter T. Hraber. Editorial
299 -- 314Christian V. Forst, Lawrence Cabusora, Kwasi G. Mawuenyega, Xian Chen. Biological Systems Analysis by a Network Proteomics Approach and Subcellular protein Profiling
315 -- 335Christoph Hauert. Cooperation, Collectives Formation and Specialization
337 -- 352Karsten Peters, Anders Johansson, Audrey Dussutour, Dirk Helbing. Analytical and Numerical Investigation of Ant Behavior under Crowded Conditions
353 -- 367Yi Jiang, Olga Sozinova, Mark S. Alber. On Modeling Complex Collective Behavior in Myxobacteria
369 -- 382Thomas L. Vincent. Carcinogenesis as an Evolutionary Game
383 -- 436David H. Wolpert, Charlie E. M. Strauss, Dev G. Rajnarayan. Advances in Distributed Optimization Using Probability Collectives

Volume 9, Issue 3

157 -- 182Nils A. Baas. Hyperstructures as Abstract Matter
183 -- 191Christian Schulze, Dietrich Stauffer. Monte Carlo Simulation of survival for Minority Languages
193 -- 207Mahmoud Z. Iskandarani. Mathematical Modeling of the Programing Field in a Neural Switch Using the Semi-Infinite Coplanar electrode Approximation
209 -- 222Shuwen Zhang, Dejun Tan, Lansun Chen. Chaotic Behavior of a Periodically Forced predator-prey System with Beddington-Deangelis Functional Response and impulsive Perturbations
223 -- 236Shuwen Zhang, Fenyan Wang, Lansun Chen. A Food Chain System with Density-Dependent Birth Rate and impulsive Perturbations
237 -- 248Helong Liu, Jingyuan Yu, Guangtian Zhu. Analysis of a Vector-Host Malaria Model with impulsive Effect and Infection-Age
249 -- 261Xiao-Song Yang, Lei Wang. Emergent Periodic Behavior in Coupled Chaotic Systems
263 -- 276Xiangyun Shi, Xinyu Song, Xueyong Zhou. Analysis of a Model of plasmid-Bearing, plasmid-Free Competition in a Pulsed Chemostat
277 -- 286Zhisheng Duan, Jin-Zhi Wang, Lin Huang. Some Special Decentralized Control Problems in Continuous-Time Interconnected Systems
287 -- 293Tong Zhang, Jianlin Liu, Zhuo Zhuang. Multi-Dimensional Piece-WISE Self-Affine Fractal Interpolation Model in Tensor Form

Volume 9, Issue 1-2

1 -- 29Rudolf M. F├╝chslin, Thomas Maeke, Uwe Tangen, John S. McCaskill. Evolving Inductive Generalization via Genetic Self-Assembly
31 -- 40Xiaoxing Chen. Permanence and Global Stability for Nonlinear Discrete Model
41 -- 58Mehbuba Rehim, Zhidong Teng. Permanence, Average Persistence and Extinction in nonautonomous Single-Species Growth Chemostat Models
69 -- 76Hong Zhang, Lansun Chen. Oscillation Criteria for a Class of Second-Order impulsive Delay Difference Equations
77 -- 85Sutapa Chaudhuri. Predictability of Chaos Inherent in the Occurrence of Severe thunderstorms
87 -- 98Zhijun Liu, Lansun Chen. Periodic Solutions of a Discrete Time nonautonomous Two-Species mutualistic System with Delays
99 -- 120Pascal Bruniaux, Cyril Ngo Ngoc. Nonlinear Model of a Fabric Warp and Weft
121 -- 132Shalev Itzkovitz, Ron Milo, Nadav Kashtan, Reuven Levitt, Amir Lahav, Uri Alon. Recurring Harmonic Walks and Network motifs in Western Music
133 -- 146Tong Zhang, Zhuo Zhuang. Multi-Dimensional Self-Affine Fractal Interpolation Model
147 -- 156Dietrich Stauffer, Stanislaw Cebrat. Extinction in Genetic Bit-String Model with sexual Recombination