Journal: Ann. Software Eng.

Volume 12, Issue 1

11 -- 45Daniel Port, Ebru Dincel. Experiences Using Domain Specific Techniques within Multimedia Software Engineering
47 -- 75Abdul S. Haji-Ismail, Min Chen, Phil W. Grant, Mark Kiddell. JACIE - an Authoring Language for Rapid Prototyping Net-Centric, Multimedia and Collaborative Applications
77 -- 93Abderrahim Benslimane. Multimedia Multicast in Mobile Computing: Handoff Management
95 -- 118Betty H. C. Cheng, Gerald C. Gannod. Developing and Maintaining an Object-Oriented Distributed Multimedia Information System
119 -- 137Kang Zhang, Da-Qian Zhang, Yi Deng. Graphical Transformation of Multimedia XML Documents
139 -- 165Timothy K. Shih, Shi-Kuo Chang, Jeffrey J. P. Tsai, Jianhua Ma, Runhe Huang. Supporting Well-Engineered Web Documentation Development - a Multimedia Software Engineering Approach toward Virtual University Courseware Designs
167 -- 191Joseph A. Goguen, Kai Lin. Web-Based Support for Cooperative Software Engineering
193 -- 212Zon-Yin Shae, Belle L. Tseng, Wing Ho Leung. Immersive Whiteboard Collaborative System
213 -- 239Masahito Hirakawa, K. Priyantha Hewagamage. Situated Computing: A Paradigm for the Mobile User-Interaction with Multimedia Sources
241 -- 256Stephen J. H. Yang, Irene Y. L. Chen, Chyun-Chyi Chen, Chi-Hsing Chu, Kevin H. W. Shen, Chi-Wei Lan. Building XML-Based Unified User Interface System under J2EE Architecture