Journal: Ann. Software Eng.

Volume 13, Issue 1-4

9 -- 11Mohamed Fayad, Marcus Fontoura, Wolfgang Pree. Editors Introduction
13 -- 34M. Brian Blake, Gail Hamilton, Jeffrey Hoyt. Using Component-Based Development and Web Technologies to Support a Distributed Data Management System
35 -- 69Colin Atkinson, Christian Bunse, Hans-Gerhard Gross, Thomas Kühne. Towards a General Component Model for Web-Based Applications
71 -- 96Hossein Saiedian, Nabil Ghanem, Jeyabarathi Natarajan. A Framework for Evaluating Distributed Object Models and its Application to Web Engineering
97 -- 110Gustavo Rossi, Daniel Schwabe. Object-Oriented Design Structures in Web Application Models
111 -- 140Marcus E. Markiewicz, Carlos José Pereira de Lucena, Paulo S. C. Alencar, Donald D. Cowan. Views and Patterns in E-Commerce Application Design
141 -- 161Iris Reinhartz-Berger, Dov Dori, Shmuel Katz. OPM/Web - Object-Process Methodology for Developing Web Applications
163 -- 201Brian Henderson-Sellers, David Lowe, Brendan Haire. OPEN Process Support for Web Development
203 -- 230Grant Larsen, Jim Conallen. Engineering Web-Based Systems with UML Assets
231 -- 247Luca Bompani, Paolo Ciancarini, Fabio Vitali. XML-Based Hypertext Functionalities for Software Engineering
249 -- 264Lidia Fuentes, José M. Troya, Antonio Vallecillo. Using UML Profiles for Documenting Web-Based Application Frameworks
265 -- 283Stéphane Calderoni, Jean-Christophe Soulié. JAAFAAR: A Web-Based Multi-Agent Toolkit for Collective Research
285 -- 308Davide Brugali. Mediating the Internet
309 -- 327Guido Menkhaus. An Architecture for Supporting Multi-Device, Client-Adaptive Services
329 -- 356Jing Sun, Jin Song Dong, Jing Liu, Hai H. Wang. A Formal Object Approach to the Design of ZML
357 -- 379Welf Löwe, Markus L. Noga, Thilo S. Gaul. Foundations of Fast Communication via XML
381 -- 411Paulo S. C. Alencar, Donald D. Cowan, Martin Luo. A Framework for Community Information Systems