Journal: Ann. Software Eng.

Volume 14, Issue 1-4

9 -- 37Yingxu Wang, Antony Bryant. Process-Based Software Engineering: Building the Infrastructures
39 -- 72Watts S. Humphrey. Three Process Perspectives: Organizations, Teams, and People
73 -- 91Christof Ebert, Jozef De Man. e-R&D - Effectively Managing Process Diversity
93 -- 114Filippo Ricca, Paolo Tonella. Testing Processes of Web Applications
115 -- 143Keith C. C. Chan, Lawrence Chung. Integrating Process and Project Management for Multi-Site Software Development
145 -- 168Frank Maurer, Harald Holz. Integrating Process Support and Knowledge Management for Virtual Software Development Teams
169 -- 195Balasubramaniam Ramesh, Jan Pries-Heje, Richard Baskerville. Internet Software Engineering: A Different Class of Processes
197 -- 234Rodrigo Quites Reis, Carla Alessandra Lima Reis, Heribert Schlebbe, Daltro José Nunes. Automatic Verification of Static Policies on Software Process Models
235 -- 274Yingxu Wang. The Real-Time Process Algebra (RTPA)
275 -- 309Meir M. Lehman, Juan F. Ramil. Software Evolution and Software Evolution Processes
311 -- 340Selma Arbaoui, Jean-Claude Derniame, Flávio Oquendo, Hervé Verjus. A Comparative Review of Process-Centered Software Engineering Environments
341 -- 362Brian Henderson-Sellers. Process Metamodelling and Process Construction: Examples Using the OPEN Process Framework (OPF)
363 -- 382Volker Gruhn. Process-Centered Software Engineering Environments, A Brief History and Future Challenges
383 -- 406Noriko Hanakawa, Ken-ichi Matsumoto, Koji Torii. A Knowledge-Based Software Process Simulation Model
407 -- 438Pekka Abrahamsson. Commitment Nets in Software Process Improvement